Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

by Venum

  • Mesh panel under fist for great thermal regulation
  • Triple Density foam
  • 100% full attached thumb
  • Large Velcro enclosure
  • Handmade in Thailand
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TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves

  • All-leather outer
  • Special hand compartment lining for cool, dry and comfortable wear
  • Wraparound adjustable wrist strap
  • Approx. 16 oz.
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Boxing is a great and energy-intensive sport that is enjoyed the world over.

The key to enjoying and playing boxing is, however, the purchase of the gloves.

There are plenty of these gloves, and it becomes increasingly challenging to choose the best one with the introduction of new brands and models.

Below here you can see all the Best Boxing Gloves Brands for Beginners and Experts.

How can we help you?

Because we are well-versed in all types of  gloves, we have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to choose the Perfect gloves.

Many newbies tend to choose the gloves based on the price tag only.

That’s a risk especially with an intensive sport like boxing.

Whether you are sparring, kickboxing, or training, you need quality gloves with a set of features as we highlighted in this article.

We will start by highlighting the important concepts to consider before making a purchase, then delve into the actual reviews.

Each product review has the pros and cons to help you make a buying decision. Read on to find your dream gloves.

User’s Guide

Like any other product, it’s of paramount importance to consider certain factors before purchasing the best gloves.

Let’s give you a glimpse of what to prioritize.

In the buyer’s guide, we took into account the sizes, types, materials and the other extra features such as breathability and water-repellent lining.

How many types of boxing gloves?


Boxing sport encompasses sparring, MUAY training, MMA training, kickboxing, competition or THAI activities.

Different fights activities demand various types of gloves. For instance, competition gloves are lighter than the sparring gloves.

Sparring or kickboxing gloves need multiple-layers of foam to absorb the energy and the kicks so you can stay safe.

Among others, we have the all-purpose training, sparring , bag and competition gloves. These are highlighted below:

All-purpose training gloves – they are designed to be used for multiple training sessions. The sparring partners can use them, and even for punching bags.

The gloves are characterized by the wrist support and the plush padding which provide safety for trainers without causing strains for more extended sessions.

Again, all of them  are heavy.

Sparring gloves

These have sufficient padding and wrist support to protect you in your training sessions.

They are, however, lighter than the all-purpose training but more substantial than the competition gloves.


Competition gloves

These are lighter in weight to help the competitors to maneuver their fights. They have a minimal padding design.

We discourage the amateurs from sparring or training with them because they are not designed to absorb the impacts, and their padding is insufficient.

Bag gloves

They have good wrist support so they can be perfect for your extended workouts. Although they are almost similar to the training gloves, they do not have enough foam padding like the training one’s.

As thus, they are lighter than the all-purpose training.

Glove sizes

Glove size is yet another important factor when making purchases.

Your body size, competition to play and the type of the glove play a key role in size determination.

A heavyweight requires heavy bag gloves.

But, the type of the competition is also a primary determinant of the size of the gloves.

As aforementioned, the sparring gloves, for example, are more substantial than the competition glove.

Have a look at the table below for the comparison of body weight and the size of the training and sparring gloves:

Body weight Sparring glove size Training glove size

Less than 120 pounds 12 – 14 oz 10 oz
120 – 150 pounds 14 – 16 oz 12 – 14 oz
150 – 180 pounds 16 – 18 oz 14 – 16 oz
More than 180 pounds 18 – 20 oz 16 – 18 oz

Boxing glove weight depends on materials of the gloves – They come in different materials. Originally, authentic leather such as the goat leather was predominantly used.

Nowadays, synthetic materials are being used. But these do not provide an inferior quality because they are optimized to mimic the quality of the authentic leather.

Nonetheless, you need to be vigilant of counterfeit synthetic leather.

These synthetic gloves are designed to absorb the impact while authentic one’s minimize the abrasion.

Best Gloves For Boxing Reviews (2022)

Ringside Apex Flash Sparring

Weight: 2 pounds

Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves

Specific features: IMF technology, hook & loop closure, mesh, palm, antibacterial inner liner, four different colors

Description: The Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves are a perfect fit for sparring partners. It has all the features that will make your sparring convenient, from the mesh palm and the antibacterial liner to help extend your workouts.

With the IMF padding, you can stay protected from any injuries and also enhance your cardio. For a perfect fit, they come with the hook & loop closure. This can be adjustable to fit any boxer.

You have the option to choose between the 14 oz and 16-oz boxing glove with four different colors to stay unique from your sparring partners.

Because of this variety of sizes combined with the adjustable fit, the gloves can fit many players.

Of special attention is the synthetic leather that includes the 3 ¼ wraparounds. It is easy to clean, and it protects you against abrasion and also sheds water should you soak in the rain.


Mesh palm and antibacterial liner
Hook & loop closure for an adjustable fit
Available in 14 or 16 ounces
IMF tech padding
Durable synthetic leather


Synthetic leather, not a good insulator if you play in winter
Is it expensive

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Venum Boxing Gloves (Elite)

Weight: 2 pounds

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Specific features: Skintex leather construction, triple density foam, reinforced palm, mesh panel under the fist

Description: Venum Elite Gloves could be what you’ve been looking with a broad range of features. It comes with the attached thumb to protect you against possible injuries in this intensive sport.

The design is made of the premium Skintex leather construction to enhance your fighting experience with durable grip.

Under the fist is the specific mesh panel made to regulate the heat when fighting. That’s a good feature to avoid sweaty hands.

Then the triple density foam combined with the reinforced palm help in absorbing impacts to prevent injuries.

This is a product of Thailand made to last long in your Fights. There’s extra support on the wrist and hands.

This will help in extending your workouts. It can be suitable for fitness workouts, mitt, and bag work.

You have the option of 2 colors to customize your styles. Even the amateurs can find these gloves convenient for their use. They are almost the same weight as the first product we reviewed above.


Skintex leather construction
Unrivaled shock absorption
Reinforced mesh palm
Triple density foam


Quite expensive

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Cleto Reyes Training Gloves

Cleto Reyes Training Gloves
Price: Approx $ 145.00–$ 179.00
Weight: 2 pounds

Specific Features: Goatskin leather, water-repellent lining, athletic and fitness.

Description: Cleto Reyes Training Gloves is a well-known brand in the market. It comes with long-lasting goatskin leather.

You can feel comfortable during the fight due to its water repellent feature. The fitness of glove saves you from injuries on your fist.


Latex foam padding
Attached thumb
Hook & loop closure
Goatskin leather construction


Quite expensive

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Ring to Cage C-17

Ring to Cage C-17

Price: Approx $109.95 – $159.95

Specific Features: High-quality Cowhide leather, sweat proof, Smart Fit Size
Description: The Ring to cage C-17 is made from the finest cowhide leather.

They are tested on them due to on many different stages, so it is an error-proof item due to the hard work of the team. Many things are improved and redesigned for the better performance.

For the comfort of your hand due to the tapered feature on the wrist. They come in 4 different weights, 12 oz, 14oz, 16oz or 18oz. It is available in around eight different colors.


High-Quality Cowhide leather construction
High-density foam
Tapered feature on the wrist


High price tag

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Winning training gloves

Winning training gloves

Features: Handcrafted in Japan, Anti-thumbing stopper, Best quality leather.

Description: Winning training glove are crafted in Japan, they have many different models like amateur, professional, and bag gloves.

Winning is one of the most popular brands which is used by many professionals.

And I suggest you that if you are professional or amateur talent, then you must try winning for just once.

Many people do not like its laces feature, but these laces keep the glove tighter around your wrist which saves you from the serious wrist injury.

But you always need someone around you whenever you are going to wear them to lace them up for you.

High-Quality Leather
Trusted by thousands
Laces to tighten your Wrist

Expensive in Price

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Rival “RS2V” Sparring Gloves

Rival “RS2V” Sparring Gloves

Price: $120
Features: Fully Prepared By Leather, Reasonable Price, Available in Different Colours.

Description: Rival RS2V is a high-performance boxing glove it is fully prepared by leather. It is Extremely fit on your hand and wrist which will help you in your sparring practice and save you from serious wrist injuries.

It is very reasonable in price in different colors.


Quality leather construction
High-density foam
Available in 4 colors



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Title Gel World boxing gloves

Title gel world bag gloves
Features: Adjustable Wrist Strap, Fully Made Genuine Leather, Special hand compartment lining.

Description: Title gel will provide you better knuckle protection than other one’s because of its hook and loop feature.

Because of its hand compartment lining feature the user very comfortable, because it gets fit on your hand and wrist and saves you from serious injury.

It is made of pure cowhide leather due to which it is very durable. Heavy hitters will have lesser to no pain after training, and this pair will not degrade easily or as fast compared to other bag gloves.


Genuine Cowhide leather
Adjustable Wrist Starp
Special Hand Compartment Lining


Little Expensive

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Everlast Boxing Protex2

Everlast Protex2

Features: Dual panel anatomical foam collar, Made up of polyurethane and polyester,

Description: It is made up of 20% Polyester and 80% Polyurethane, and it’s dual-panel foam collar saves you from joint hyperflexion and provides an excellent support t your wrist.

The C3 foam technology protects your knuckle when you are training at your full power, and your hand also feel cool and dry due to its strategic ventilation “Evercool ” technology.


Evercool Ventilation System
Dual Panel Foam Collar
Beautiful Design



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Everlast Boxing Protex3 (Top Quality Glove)

Everlast Protex3

Features: Constructed by pure leather, High-Quality Foam, Reasonable Price.

Description: It is constructed by high-quality premium leather which makes them a long lasting glove. Secondly, it is it contains a high density closed foam cells that stops moisture and save your hand from pain and sore, and it’s inter-cooling system also keeps your hands dry.

Pros: High-Quality Foam, Constructed by pure leather, Reasonable Price

Cons: None

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Fairtex bgv1

Fairtex bgv1
Price: $78.85 – $127.00
Features: Tight Fit Design, Premium Leather Construction, Beautiful Look.

Description: Fairtex BGV1 is good looking all-purpose boxing glove it is constructed by premium leather due to which it becomes durable and a long lasting glove its vector straps are made by hand in Thailand.

And it has excellent reviews from people who used it personally.

Pros: High-Quality Leather, Hand Made Straps, Tight on your Wrist.

Cons: Little Expensive

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Wrap up!

We come to the end of our top 10  gloves. All of them are Best for Boxers. When making a purchase,

do not make a mistake of considering only the price because these products come in different features.

In our buyer’s guide, we highlighted the important concepts you need to consider before making a purchase. There are just different factors in the equation.

Different boxing sessions require different features especially the weight and the construction material.