Adidas Boxing Gloves – Overview and Review

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Adidas is a company that needs no introduction – they have been a prominent fixture in the sports industry for decades and is right up there with Nike as one of the most recognizable brands in the market.

While they are generally known for their footwear, Adidas also has a veritable catalog of products that cover the entirety of the sports industry. The one we will be focusing on today is their boxing glove category.

How does Adidas fair against the staples in the industry such as Winning and Grant? Is an Adidas boxing glove well worth the investment for both beginners and veterans of the sport? Let us find out!

Adidas Brand Overview

Adidas is one of the most well-known manufacturers in the world. This German-based multinational corporation is the largest in Europe and the second-largest in the world – just behind Nike.

Adidas boxing gloves are available in over 65 countries and are manufactured around the world. Because of their worldwide reach, Adidas boxing gloves are pretty much available in every sports store under the sun.

Simply put, if you are looking for an Adidas boxing glove in particular – it will be virtually impossible NOT to be able to find one on your first try. Adidas products are available in pretty much all sports stores from Europe to Asia and anywhere in between.

Adidas is among the brands with a highly respected reputation behind it and is a safe option for beginners who are looking for a brand that offers a flexible selection of boxing gloves that cover a broad range of budget.

Adidas has been a staple within the sports industry for decades. You will find Adidas gear mostly in basketball, football, and soccer. In regards to their ranking in the market, we can compare Adidas to brands such as Winning and Everlast.

Adidas boxing gear is also quite common to find at all local sports shops. That said, Adidas boxing gloves are not exactly perfect as the quality varies for each of their boxing glove models. Still, the level of variety that Adidas offers in this particular category is reason enough to give their boxing gloves a look.

As we have just stated, Adidas boxing gloves come in a wide variety of prices that covers entry-level to professional. You can find Adidas gloves priced anywhere between $40 to $500. Of course, it is important to not base your decision solely on price alone. There are several factors that you need to consider such as fit, weight, size, protection, comfort, and support.

We highly advise you to do some research before deciding on a particular boxing glove. Fortunately, Adidas offers a wide variety of boxing gloves that they will surely have what you are looking for in terms of use, quality, type, and price range.

Interestingly enough, Adidas boxing gear is not that common to find in an American gym. The complete opposite can be said in European boxing gyms though as it is virtually impossible not to come across the Adidas name in any of their gyms over there.

While the overall quality of Adidas boxing gloves for use in training is somewhat debatable as most pros that I talked with prefer other brands such as Winning, Ringside, and Everlast – Adidas should not be overlooked as there are definitely gems in their catalogue.

Why Choose Adidas Boxing Gloves?

Adidas boxing gloves are quite stylish in terms of its design and are available in classic and modern aesthetics. There are dozens of Adidas boxing glove variations, each with their own specific strengths.

This is a double-edged sword though as while this means excellent versatility, it also means you need to do research more. Adidas boxing gloves caters to everyone from beginners to veterans and anyone in between – even kids.

Adidas Boxing Glove Models

Adidas covers a wide breadth of boxing glove types to cover anything from training with heavy bags and speed bags to sparring, and even for competition. We will be covering all of Adidas’ boxing glove types in detail down below.

Expect to dive into important factors such as quality, comfort, and durability. As you would expect, each Adidas boxing glove model will cater to a particular aspect of this contact sport. By understanding where each model’s strength lies, we can better grasp which boxing glove is best suited for a particular training regimen or even for competition.

The Adidas Hybrid Boxing Glove Series

The Hybrid series is Adidas’ flagship model when it comes to their boxing glove lineup. Let us see how the Hybrid series earned its reputation as Adidas’ top-dog in the boxing market. First off, there are now three variations of the Hybrid series – the Hybrid 100, 200, and 300 model series. Let us learn more about the key differences between the three.

Adidas Hybrid 100 Boxing Glove Series

The Hybrid 100 series is an ideal choice for beginners and is an excellent entry-level boxing glove due to its highly affordable price tag. The Hybrid 100 series boxing glove features lightweight yet durable PU leather and utilizes hook and loop enclosures.

As the Hybrid 100 series is the budget-friendly model of the three, don’t expect much in terms of craftsmanship. Due to the relatively thin PU leather outer shell cover and less padding on both the gloves and wrist – we don’t recommend this for those who train daily or for heavy training as it is not that durable.

The Hybrid 100 series comes in two color variations and is available in three sizes (12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz). Based on our experience with the Adidas Hybrid 100, we put this firmly as an entry-level boxing glove that is ideal for light to moderate training use only.

Adidas Hybrid 200 Boxing Glove Series

The Hybrid 200 boxing glove is a step above its 100 series sibling and provides enhanced durability, comfort, and support. It comes with a slightly higher cost and is considered as mid-range boxing gloves which are better suited for intermediate boxers.

Hybrid 200 boxing gloves utilize high-quality genuine leather and add more points to convenience and practicality with its use of a Velcro wrist-locking system enclosure. Yes, Velcro enclosures do not compare to lace-up boxing gloves overall support and stability – but, it makes it up in convenience and comfort.

Also, if you train solo – a hook and loop boxing glove is impractical as you will need an additional hand to secure it properly. This is not the case with Velcro boxing gloves. Other notable upgrades that the 200 series have compared to the 100 series is the thumb guard which is now stitched firmly to the palm and uses a rigid canvas material to keep it in place.

Adidas Hybrid 300 Boxing Glove Series

The most advanced version of the Adidas Hybrid series, the Hybrid 300 makes no bones as to which group it caters to – the amateur and professional boxers. The Hybrid 300 boxing glove series is incredibly durable and is designed for intense training.

Whether it be hitting the pads and bags or sparring, you can expect the Adidas Hybrid 300 to follow through effortlessly. If you have the budget to go for the best option, I recommend you check out the Adidas Hybrid 300 with its outstanding wrist support and use of premium-grade material.

AS you would expect from the most advanced Hybrid series model, the 300 packs all the features you would need in a top-tier boxing glove from durability, comfort, and performance. What’s more, the Hybrid 300 is relatively more affordable in comparison to its competition.

As for its features, the Hybrid 300 incorporates a multi-layer foam system that delivers top-notch shock absorption to allow you to turn up the heat whether you are hitting the heavy bag, sparring, or in competition.

You will find that the Adidas Hybrid 300 is equipped with a decent level of padding over on the top part of the glove as well as in the wrist enclosure part. The padded wrist lock enclosure reduces wrist-related injuries and can allow you to block and parry better as you won’t need to worry about the injury in this area.

The Hybrid 300’s excellent durability is achieved thanks to its use of genuine cowhide leather that provides the gloves with a supple, smooth, yet incredibly sturdy outer layer. We doubt that you will see wrinkles on the gloves even after months of intense training.

The Hybrid 300 series also utilizes wraparound wrist enclosures with padding and an elastic band that further enhances the protection that the wrist enclosure offers. If you are looking for the best possible Adidas Hybrid boxing glove, you can’t go wrong with the 300 series.

Adidas BT Training Gloves

This is their cheapest boxing glove model. The quality of the glove itself is quite underwhelming with the construction that feels half-baked.

We don’t recommend this for any serious levels of training as it is more suited for light and quick boxing exercises.

Again, don’t expect this model to last – you can pretty much expect what you pay for with the Adidas BT Training Gloves.


Adidas Boxing Fitness Gloves

This is another entry-level boxing training glove from Adidas and is something that I genuinely do not recommend.

The overall quality of the Adidas Boxing Fitness glove is suspect and I feel it is designed for cardio kickboxing exercises rather than boxing training programs.

It features a mesh design over the palm area which helps in ventilation, but it also feels like it reduced the boxing glove’s overall durability.

Adidas Ultima Competition Boxing Gloves

The last entry-level Adidas boxing glove is the Ultima Competition.

This particular boxing glove model used to feature genuine leather with its older models but now use synthetic leather.

As such, the price dropped significantly, the bad news is that so did the overall quality of the Ultima Competition boxing glove.


Adidas adipower Boxing Gloves

With better material and craftsmanship behind it, the ADIPower boxing gloves are more suitable for serious training. We do find the enclosure strap to be a bit disappointing as it tends to loosen at times. Still, this is one of Adidas’ better boxing gloves and is a good option for beginners.

Adidas Boxing ADISTar Training Gloves

The ADIStar boxing glove is one of Adidas’ most popular models in their catalogue.

At first glance, the ADISTar boxing glove certainly captures that modern stylish aesthetic to the letter. I still wouldn’t trade my Winning and Everlast gloves for this though.

Overall, I think this is somewhat overpriced for a professional boxing glove as it feels too rigid even after weeks of use.

Maybe I am just used to the level of quality that top brands such as Everlast provide, but with the above hundred bucks price tag,

I would expect something similar from the Adidas ADIStar boxing glove. Alas, the ADIStar falls short of expectations.


The Future of Adidas Boxing Gear

It is said that while Adidas tends to trail behind their competition in the boxing glove market, they are a trailblazer when it comes to boxing footwear. I have a pair of Adidas Speedex boxing shoes and it is my preferred footwear in the ring both in competition and in sparring. As for their boxing gloves, Adidas has a fairly rocky reputation in this category.

That said, I see some potential in the current Adidas boxing glove market with their brand-new Dynamic Pro Fight boxing gloves. It seems that Adidas has listened to the feedback and are changing their game plan when it comes to designing the boxing gloves.

There is even a line of boxing gloves called Adidas MyGloves which offer customers a fully customizable experience in choosing which aspects they prefer to be included in their gloves – similar to Grant’s approach.

However, expect these models to have quite a steep price range which starts at around $500. This is specifically aimed at the pros.
Still, the current talk is that a premium-grade Adidas MyGlove can rival brands like Winning, Grant, and Everlast in terms of quality.

This is definitely something to keep an eye for, especially for those who love to showcase their personality in their boxing gear.


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