Benefits of Jump rope Exercise

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You probably jumped with a rope one time or the other as kids! Do remember when your parents let you go outside to play with other kids, and you did this just for fun? Well, there is another twist to this kind of fun because it offers some serious benefits to the body.

From a dramatic weight loss to a major calorie burn; we have made some research to bring you a compilation of benefits

For some people, the major reason they don’t do jump rope maybe because they thought it was just a game for kids. 


Now let’s examine what jumping rope is, jumping rope is a form of cardio workout that top-performing athletes engage in. 

Jumping rope helps them to

  • Build their body stamina
  • Tighten their core
  • Improves lung capacity 
  • Tone their calves

However, not just for these athletes, but for everyone who religiously takes this up as a workout routine.

While it is true that jumping rope helps in weight loss, it just might not suffice as a standalone. What you should do is add it to a part of your diet and exercise routine so it could help rev up your metabolism. This way, you are sure to drop off excess weight at a quicker rate.

Getting Started

Jumping rope has to be one of the most cost-effective workouts available. All you require to engage in your rope, a very comfortable pair of shoes, and a space to get started. To kick start your jump rope exercise ritual, let’s examine this equipment extensively; 

Rope: Skipping ropes are indeed very cheap and easily available to sports retail outlets, or you could just even make your own. To make sure that the length of your rope is perfect for your height, try to position yourself in the middle and pull up the handle till the rope achieves taut firmness. The grips are supposed to be in line with the center of your chest. If you observe that the handle is a bit higher, then chop off a few inches of the rope on one end till you have your desired length.

Training Shoes: This kind of workout is one that requires high impact activity, which is very good for your bones. Hence it is vital to wear shoes, but not just any type but cushioned sneakers. You will need something that should give your feet a lot of comfort while jumping. 

So ensure to tell the shop attendant what you want, when you go to purchase it.

Suitable Workout Surface: As much as you need a well-cushioned workout shoe, equally would you require a jumping surface to go with it. 

So, ideally, it is recommended you do this on a mat, the gym floor, or any good carpet that won’t move around while jumping. When all these are in balance, you save yourself from leg issues such as shin splints.

Jump Rope Exercise Techniques

By the mere practice of jumping rope workout, one might think that you are dancing in the air. This is so true as in the case of professional boxers.

When you carefully observe how they practice this, you can’t help but fall in love with their skill for this exercise.

Skipping as its fondly called is a basic workout practice, however, to get the most out of it, you should kindly adopt the following technique:

  • Avoid the temptation of looking down at your feet, and you must at all times, keep your head up
  • Keep a straight back always, never hunch over
  • Jump off and land right back on your feet
  • A few centimeters into the air is enough, don’t try to go overboard, you will tire out very quickly

Benefits of Jump Rope Exercises

1. Jumping Rope exercise helps you get better coordination

Do you know that skipping is a complex workout routine? It’s so complex that it takes the brain time to process. Even though it doesn’t just seem like it, it involves performing several activities all at once.

Hence, over time your coordination is improved as you regularly and consistently practice jump rope exercise. 

Furthermore, the exercise forces your brain to harmonize the different moving parts of your body at the same time. 

When you start, you may find it difficult to flow; however, because of consistent practice, you’d notice that everything seems effortless.

This means that coordination has been achieved; hence, you can get better at it.

2. Jumping Exercise helps you to relieve your stress level.

One benefit many people seem to never take note of is the fact that jumping rope makes participants happier, and their stress level is relieved.

Do you know that jumping rope helps to fight off the effect of anxiety? This is true, especially for women.

A study showed that regular engagement in exercises causes the brain to release neurochemicals, and these make you feel happy with yourself.

3. Jumping Rope Exercise helps in Injury Prevention.

It’s not rocket science to know that jumping rope exercises can do absolute wonder to your legs. As much as your foot coordination is improved, the activity causes the muscles in your ankle area to be strengthened and make you less susceptible to injuries.

It is little wonder that many professional athletes include jumping rope as part of their workout routines.

4. Jumping Rope torches fats fast

If you are seeking for one of the most efficient ways to burn calories in your body, then jump rope workout is the way to go. Hence, anyone who is searching for the least stressful approach to weight loss, Jump rope, otherwise known as skipping is the best recommendation.

The best part of all this is that you don’t have to master all the complex free-styling skills to benefit from the calorie-torching workout practice. 

5. Jumping Rope Make your Smarter

Who would have thought a workout routine would make us smart? The fact is that very few sports require the perfect synchronization and coordination of all our four limbs. Not all sports are completely bilateral. However, the jumping rope exercise is.

This means that it does not require any dominance from any part of the body, unlike other sports. For example, in soccer, a player is required to strike with only one foot, in darts, they throw from only one hand, and in the game of boxing, you jab with a fist.  

However, the Jumping rope exercise requires the use of your brain’s hemispheres. Some have likened the Jumping rope exercise to playing a musical instrument, which research shows that it offsets dementia development.

6. Jumping Rope helps you to achieve better posture.

If you practice this workout routine with the correct form, then you can drastically improve your posture. The practice of this exercise demands that you stand with your head upright, your chest out and shoulders back. 

Unfortunately, in this digital age, we spend most of our time hunched over our laptops and constantly staring at our phone screens. Little do we know that our neck, back, and lower spines are being subjected to so much stress.

However, the religious practice of the jumping rope workout routine, you can drastically deliver ourselves from such experience and get soothing relief. 

7. Jumping rope increases our bone density. 

A study released from the American college of sports medicine revealed that engaging in an intense form of exercise could increase our bone density.  

The study also highlighted that our engagement in these forms of exercise prevents the possible onset of osteoporosis as you age.

Fortunately, jumping rope exercise is one of the basic and cost-effective ways of doing this, apparently because you aren’t required to obtain any gym membership or the use of expensive equipment.

All you need is just a rope, a cushioned training shoe, and a good surface.

8. Jumping Ropes Makes it easier to see results.

Forming the habit of working out, going to the gym, shedding weight, and staying fit is very difficult. It’s not like it’s not achievable, it’s just difficult to maintain momentum. 

Interestingly, the jumping rope exercise weeds out this hurdle for us because it’s quite easy and fun to do. The reason this is so is that your brain perceives this activity as a fun activity, and hence you’d be adopting Jumping rope as an enjoyable habit. This could eventually lead to you going to the gym even more often. 

9. Jumping Rope Exercise helps to improve the heart rate.

In a 12 week-long research, it was gathered that when you frequently engage in a jumping rope exercise, you significantly reduce your vulnerability to any form of cardiovascular disease.

Furthermore, when embarking on this type of workout routine, your heart muscles work tirelessly to pump in oxygenated and deoxygenated blood in your entire body—thereby keeping your heart healthy.

10. Jumping Rope Exercise helps in improving your Pulmonary Function.

Finally, on the benefits of the jumping rope exercise, consistent engagement in this type of workout routine has proven to help in improving blood circulation, enhancement of the lung capacity, and improves breathing.

Research shows that when you engage in aerobic exercises for quite a long time, you start to experience a positive influence with your cardiorespiratory function and maximal uptake of oxygen. 

Some Jumping Rope workout suggestions you should try

Hop Jump: Here, you get to hop continuously on one of your feet. While it may seem a little difficult, try to begin with a couple of hops before you make use of the other foot. As time progresses, you’d get better at it. 

Double Jump: As the name implies, here you will slowly swing the rope and complete a double jump in each of the revolution

Ski Jump: This is a double footed jump, where you’d be jumping a few centimeters higher than normal. You’d also be jumping side to side, but begin with a short sideways jump then you can improve on that when you have mastered it.

Jog Jump: Here, you will adopt a jogging position; however, ensure the ropes are low then remain at a spot while you twirl the rope. 

Standard Duration for a typical Jump Rope Workout Session

While there isn’t any laid down a rule for Jump Rope Exercises, experts would advise that you begin with 1 – minute rope jumps.

As you consistently do this, you can add between 1 – 2 minutes weekly.

Finally, after a while, you can conveniently start doing 10 – 15 minutes consistently. However, ensure that now and then you take breaks, sip your tea, and get busy Jumping.

Safety Precautions You Must Know

  • Just as we did mention before in the previous section, wear cushioned training shoes before you embark on the jumping cruise. Those shoes are more shock absorbers
  • Try to do some warm-up for up to 10 minutes before beginning your exercise
  • For the ladies, always try to wear bras made for sports, this will prevent your breast from sagging.
  • Don’t play hero by trying to go on and on without taking a break, and you could end up causing more harm to your ankle muscles. It’s advisable therefore to always take some time to cool off before going again.
  • Please do not try to do the Jump rope exercise if you are just recovering from a major sickness or surgery. You might die—Lol (Not like that, though, but it’s not advisable to do so).

Let’s Jump into Conclusion then

Yes, jumping rope exercise is highly profitable to the body, no doubt about that. While it may seem like a child’s play to some, don’t allow yourself to fall for that myth.

Even though you have accepted to give it a try, and you may still find out that you are struggling. Don’t fret because it’s just as simple as saying the name.

All you have to do is to keep the basics in mind, then ease your body into the routine, very slowly, however, progressively.

As much as you can, try to include jump rope exercise into your regular workout routine, because it does pay off.

However, keep in mind that while it may seem like ‘plug and play’ which it is really, be mindful that there might be a twist of things when you do not follow simple guidelines.

Frequently asked question

Question: How many minutes should I engage in a jump rope exercise?

Answer: You can engage in this exercise for 10 minutes or you can do 100 jumps for a start daily. Rest whenever you are tired and continue if you can.

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