Best Boxing Glove for Beginners

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For those who are just starting their boxing training, having the best boxing glove is mandatory. However, picking the right one can be overwhelming for newbies as there are literally thousands to choose from in the market. You may be familiar with some of the best brands in this category, but do you know how to determine the right one for you?

The importance of using the right boxing glove cannot be stressed enough as it can help prevent injuries to your hands and knuckles. Basically, if you are wearing the wrong glove, the chances of injuring your fist get considerably higher over time.

If you are in the market for beginner’s boxing gloves – then you have come to the right place, my friend. In this article, we will be giving you pointers, tips, and all the relevant information you will need in regards to boxing gloves. We guarantee that after you’ve read through this article, you will know all the ins and outs of boxing gloves akin to that of a pro.

The Benefits of Having a Great Pair of Boxing Gloves

When it comes to boxing gloves, it is vital to wear the best possible one that perfectly fits your mitts. Why should you take time in picking the right boxing gloves? Simple, the right boxing glove will be able to provide full protection for your hands.

An ill-fitting glove will lend to an increase in injury, and it can also be quite uncomfortable to wear. It would help if you also refrained from being a cheapskate when buying a boxing glove. I learned this out the hard way during my early years in this sport.

Cheaper gloves most likely mean lower quality gloves. Not only are the materials used in cheap boxing gloves vulnerable to wear and tear. The overall structure of these cheap gloves is also suspect, so don’t expect it to be comfortable or to last for a long time. Basically, being stingy with your boxing gloves will more likely cost you more along the road.

It would be best if you also considered that there are techniques for throwing different types of punches from jabs to uppercuts. Due to a lack of experience, the risk of throwing an awkwardly angled punch is relatively high.

A good quality boxing glove can help prevent the repercussions of throwing a punch wrong. So, take it from me when I say that you should always go for the best quality boxing glove. Your hands will thank you for it.

Boxing Glove Sizes

Now, the first step in finding the best boxing glove is to know the right size to get. A glove that is too tight can be incredibly uncomfortable and painful, while a loose-fitting boxing glove will prevent you from delivering picture-perfect and pinpoint accurate punches. Keep in mind that the right boxing glove size will depend on the training method being implemented.

There are four standard boxing glove sizes that you will encounter – 8 oz, 10 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz boxing gloves. 8 oz to 10 oz gloves is typically used during competition due to their lighter weight.

This is because lighter boxing gloves equates to faster and hard-hitting punches. Of course, to achieve its lightweight qualities, it means that a good percent of padding needs to be removed. Less padding, higher risk of injuries.

Heavier boxing gloves, on the other hand, are designed primarily for training and sparring as it features more padding which not only protects your hands but also somewhat dampens the force of impact on your sparring partner.

Make no mistake though as heavier boxing gloves can still cause a knockout. There is also the added benefit of heavier boxing gloves acting as “weights”. Some boxers train with significantly heavier boxing gloves as a way to improve their overall punching speed.

As we have concluded, boxing sizes will depend on where you will be using it. Planning on training or going a few rounds with a sparring partner? Go for heavier gloves. Now, a key element here when testing a boxing glove is that you should also consider your hand wraps. Make sure that the boxing glove has enough space for when you have your hand wraps on.

How to Measure Your Hands for Boxing Gloves

You will need to measure your hand’s circumference in inches and make sure that you are not wearing any hand wraps as you do so. Boxing gloves that you need to wear during sparring always needs to be appropriately sized for safety.

A measuring tape will be all you need to determine the right boxing glove size. Once you have the hand circumference measurement jotted down, it is time to select the type of boxing glove to buy. You can easily find a good selection in your local sports shop or online. That said, here are a few pointers on which type to choose:

  • Heavier and thicker boxing gloves (16 oz and above) for training using heavy bags, mitts, and sparring.
  • Lighter boxing gloves (10 oz and below) for competition.
  • If you are unsure whether you plan on competing in the future, go with an all-purpose training boxing glove.

When it comes to the best boxing gloves for beginners, I recommend the all-purpose training gloves as it can provide excellent comfort, protection, and balanced weight for optimum results during training.

Also, all-purpose training gloves are safe choices for those who are not planning on stepping inside a competitive boxing ring any time soon.

To figure out if you are wearing the right boxing glove, consider these factors:

  • The boxing gloves must be able to fit on your hands (along with hand wraps) perfectly and snug.
  • You should not feel any pain in your hands whenever you connect with a strong punch.

Another vital factor to consider is the ‘breaking in’ period. Similar to brand new shoes, a new boxing glove will feel stiff during the first few training sessions. This is entirely normal and knows that it will start to conform to your hands after a week or two of training.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Boxing Glove

With the basics out of the way, it is time to learn about the essential factors to look for in a quality boxing glove.

  • Durability

The durability of a boxing glove will depend on several variables. One of the primary factors here is how hard you hit the bag. For obvious reasons, overall wear and tear of the boxing glove will depend on the level of impact that the gloves will absorb regularly.

Of course, there is also the factor of how you handle your boxing gloves. When it comes to durability, I recommend you go for boxing gloves that are around the hundred bucks price range as these are typically where you can find the well-made ones.

  • Lace or Velcro?

This one is pretty simple to determine. Lace boxing gloves may provide better fit and support, but it also needs a second person to tie the laces properly. This is why lace gloves are best suited for professional boxers and those who will be competing. If you are simply in it for training, a Velcro boxing glove will suffice.

Boxing Glove Materials

Besides leather and vinyl, other materials are often used in making boxing gloves. The material will be a significant factor in regards to durability and longevity of the gloves, so it is best to spend on the best one now rather than paying for cheaper ones that break down after a couple of months.

  • Leather

The best all-around gloves are made from genuine leather. However, this type of boxing glove is also typically way more expensive. Still, if you are serious about your training – go for leather boxing gloves. The benefits and advantages make the price worth it in the long run.

  • Synthetic Leather/Vinyl

Also known as PU leather is a man-made type of leather that is developed to be almost virtually the same as genuine leather at a considerably lower price tag. Synthetic leather boxing gloves can’t be graded as a whole.

This is because I have mixed experiences with using PU leather boxing gloves. Some delivered while others did not. An advice I can give beginners here is if they plan on training two times a week max, then a PU leather boxing glove will be more than enough to handle the task. Just remember to buy one from a well-known brand to ensure its quality.

The Top 5 Best Boxing Glove for Beginners – 2020 Edition

Ringside Apex Kickboxing Gloves 

This is our most recommended choice for beginners due to its excellent quality and affordable price tag.

The Ringside Apex Kickboxing Glove is also available in a wide variety of color variations.

Some notable features of this boxing glove include a tapered wrap-around closure which prevents the gloves from slipping off your wrist.

When properly worn, the Ringside Apex is secure, comfortable, and stable. The gloves also have antimicrobial protection while the ventilated palm allows for extra comfort and prevents sweat buildup.

Additionally, as the name suggests, this boxing glove can also be used in Muay Thai, kickboxing, and even MMA.


  • Made from durable PU leather with an easy to clean finish.
  • Multiple colored versions to choose from.
  • Antimicrobial layers and mesh palm add comfort and health safety.


  • This may still be a bit expensive for beginners.

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves 

The Venum Challenger 2.0 is a hybrid all-around boxing glove that makes it an ideal choice for every type of training.

This slick boxing glove is available in different sizes from 10 oz to 16 oz; you are guaranteed to find the right boxing glove size for your specific needs.

Venum is one of my favorite contact sports equipment manufacturers, and I highly recommend their products if you are looking for high-quality boxing gear.

Stylish, functional, and affordable – Venum is another brand that beginners should look for when buying their first boxing glove.


  • Made from high-quality PU leather.
  • Several excellent color variations to choose from.
  • Provides outstanding comfort and protection for your hands.
  • It features triple-density foam technology which offers top-notch shock absorption for your fists.


  • The Venum Challenger 2.0 has a slight factory odor when initially taken out of the packaging.

Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Glove 

Sanabul Essential utilizes advanced gel impact protection foam making it one of the most comfortable and well-protected boxing gloves on this list. In fact,

I would even claim that the formula gel technology infused into the Sanabul Essential Boxing Glove to be one of the best in the industry.

If you are looking for one of the safest modern-type boxing gloves in the market – you cannot go wrong with the Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Gloves.

What’s more? It is also quite cheap, making it even more appealing to beginners.



  • Made from high-quality material that is both durable and easy to clean.
  • It features a mesh palm design that allows for better air circulation inside the gloves.
  • The Velcro closure system provides excellent security and support on your wrist.
  • The gel-infused foam within the gloves provides the top-tier shock-absorption capability.


  • Typically has a broader width size which makes it not a recommended boxing glove for smaller hands.

Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Boxing Glove 

Now, I know I stated earlier that lace (hook and loop) boxing gloves are best suited for beginners. Still, I see no reason not to include a top-tier boxing glove in this list for beginners who aim to compete on a professional level in the future.

That said, fair warning though as the Cleto Reyes Boxing Glove is a huge step above the previous entries in this list when it comes to the price tag. If you can meet the price range, then you have yourself a high-quality boxing glove that will last for years to come and will probably even be in good condition for your first professional fight in a year or two.


  • Top marks in durability, comfort, wrist support, and longevity.
  • Made from genuine goatskin leather.
  • Has that traditional boxing aesthetic.


  • Highly expensive investment for beginners.

Twins Special Boxing Glove 

Made in the home of Muay Thai, Thailand, the Twins Special Boxing Glove is designed for the toughest training regimens around.

In terms of durability, you can’t really go wrong with a boxing glove that was designed for use in the brutal sports of Muay Thai.

Twins Special definitely earns our respect for the toughest gloves on this list. What can you expect from this glove? Top-notch hand and wrist support that is virtually the best in the business.

This training glove also incorporates extra padding to lower the risk of injuries for you and your sparring partner. This boxing glove also has a decent price range.

It is another highly recommended boxing glove for beginners who are serious about participating in the sport of boxing in the future.


  • Made directly and handcrafted in Thailand.
  • Unparalleled hand and wrist support.


  • The glove surface is susceptible to wear and tear.

Final Thoughts

Beginners should be more aware of the key factors to consider in a boxing glove. Remember to go for a snug feel that provides comfort, support, and excellent shock-absorption when it comes to boxing gloves for training.

Boxing, whether training or competing, is one of the most rewarding sports to participate in. Honing your skills in both body and mind and tampering it with discipline is one of the most satisfying and gratifying experience that other sports cannot deliver.

The first step is getting yourself a good pair of boxing gloves, and by reading through this article, we hope that you have found the best one for you.


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