Best Heavy Bag Gloves

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Bag gloves are an essential element when it comes to boxing – whether you are training or competing. The reason is quite simple: protection. As you would imagine, your hands, specifically, your knuckles, will be put through the proverbial ringer in boxing.

As such, hand-related injuries are quite common in these types of intense contact sports. Providing adequate protection for your hands will lower the risk of getting shelved for a prolonged period due to injuries.

To the uninitiated, checking your local sports shop for boxing gloves might catch you by surprise as there are a variety of bag gloves to choose from. Not only will you need to contend with different sizes, but you will also need to determine the weight. You might think that lighter gloves are the way to go, but since we are explicitly talking about boxing gloves for heavy bag training – lighter is most definitely, not the way.

Lightweight gloves are best suited for speed training exercises such as hitting the speed bag. When it comes to heavy bags, heavier boxing gloves are a must. Obviously, heavy bags are – well, heavy. This means that your hands will require that extra padding for protection as well as an additional wrist support. A light boxing glove cannot provide this, only a heavy bag glove can.

In this article, we will be going through some important pointers when it comes to choosing the right heavy bag glove. Afterward, we will be giving you our top picks in the market to help further you narrow down the shortlist.

Heavy Boxing Gloves Buying Guide

If you want to ensure you pick the best possible heavy boxing glove, consider the factors that you should look out for in this particular topic.

  • Size

A beginner’s mistake that I often encounter in choosing boxing gloves is that they only consider the hand size. While hand size is the primary factor to consider, you should include your body weight into that equation as well. Here is a quick guide to which boxing glove size is suited to which body weight:

Under 100 lbs. = 8 to 10 oz.

100 to 125 lbs. = 10 to 12 oz.

125 to 160 lbs. = 12 to 14 oz.

160 lbs. and above = 16 oz.

Also, take note that different boxing glove sizes are designed for other uses. As we have stated earlier in this article, speed training and competition require lighter gloves while heavy bag training and sparring should be done with heavier boxing gloves. Also critical is the need to wear hand wraps under your boxing glove. Whether you are training, sparring, or competing – boxing hand wraps are essential to help give your hands some added level of protection and support.

  • Material

Next up, you should consider getting a boxing glove that is made from a thick material with extra padding. Durability will be a crucial factor when it comes to picking the best heavy bag glove. The surface of the heavy bag glove should ideally be made from genuine leather. However, leather boxing gloves can be quite expensive and may not be the most practical choice – especially for beginners. Fortunately, material like neoprene can provide more than adequate protection for half the price while still being highly resistant to wear and tear.

One of the downsides of going with synthetic leather or PU leather is that, if you wear them daily, they can develop odors due to sweat. Take this into account if the budget is a significant factor in your decision-making process when it comes to boxing gloves.

  • Comfort

Boxing gloves should be not only durable but also comfortable. Leather boxing gloves tend to be a bit stiff at first, but once you have broken it down after a couple of uses – it will conform nicely around your hands. Flexibility is another crucial part of a boxing glove as it allows you to have more freedom in regards to your mobility. I suggest you avoid boxing gloves that feel too stiff on your hands as it can lead to an increased risk of injuries down the line.

  • Ventilated Design

To avoid sweat and discomfort when wearing boxing gloves, we recommend you pick ones that implement ventilated or mesh designs. Training can take up hours per day, that means hours of wearing boxing gloves as well. A boxing glove that does not have mesh or a well-ventilated design will trap sweat inside which will lead to an undesirable odor. The damp and hot environment within such boxing gloves is also considered as a hotbed for bacteria growth. Obviously, that is a scenario that we wish to avoid at all costs, and one of the best ways to prevent those issues is with a boxing glove with an excellent ventilation design.

  • Boxing Glove Enclosures

There are two types of enclosures to choose from lace-up and Velcro. Lace-up is the traditional boxing glove enclosure and provides excellent stability and support to the wrist. However, this type of enclosure cannot be adequately secured by a single person. Velcro enclosures in boxing gloves have become quite popular during the last couple of decades or so and can be worn without any assistance. For training, a Velcro boxing glove will do just fine. Take note that some boxing glove enclosures also have splints integrated into its design. This is made to enhance overall protection and support for the wrists.

  • Shock Absorption

The boxing gloves’ ability to absorb shock or impact is another crucial factor to consider as this can significantly lower risk of injuries and allow you to go all-out during training without worrying about your knuckles too much. Always pick a boxing glove that comes with excellent shock resistance.

  • Style/Design

With the wealth of options to choose from when it comes to boxing glove designs, picking the one that captures your style and personality won’t be too difficult. Of course, color and style are not at the top of the factors to consider. As such, we only included this at the tail end of the buying guide section.

In summary, here are three essential aspects to consider when choosing a boxing glove:

  • For heavy bag training, a 16 oz. the boxing glove is the standard.
  • Boxing with dense padding is recommended for heavy bag training.
  • The lace-up enclosure offers optimum support, but Velcro gloves provide better convenience.

Importance of Hand Wraps in Boxing

Whether you are training, sparring, or competing inside the ring – having the option of extra protection for your hands should always be at the top of your list. This is why hand wraps are mandatory, whether in training and especially when participating in a competition. Hand wraps are also highly recommended if you will be training with a heavy bag as it can keep your hands, fingers, and knuckles stable and secure. Not to mention the extra padding that it provides.

The Top 5 Best Heavy Bag Gloves of 2020

When it comes to heavy bag training, few can match up to the support and protection that these five boxing gloves can provide.

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves 

One of the most well-known brands in contact sports is Hayabusa. This is why it is not surprising to see this brand in any ‘Best of’ list concerning boxing and MMA. The Hayabusa T3 further cements this reputation with its high-grade construction and equally high-grade materials. First off, this boxing glove uses microfiber leather which provides excellent durability and flexibility with the added benefit of having outstanding ventilation.

What we also liked about the Hayabusa T3 is its fantastic flexibility right out of the box. The gloves did not require any period of ‘breaking in’ before it started to provide optimum comfort – it just is from the get-go. The Hayabusa T3 features four layers of foam and also incorporates four splint designs to provide superior support for the wrist. Other notable features that helped make the Hayabusa T3 stand out is the anti-microbial inner lining, which helps eliminate odor issues caused by sweat. To improve its fit, the T3 also incorporates the Dual-X closure design system.

The Hayabusa T3 is not just designed for heavy bags as it can also be used during sparring and pad training.


  • Highly versatile boxing gloves that can be used in various boxing training regimens, not just heavy bag training.
  • The glove is equipped with an antimicrobial lining to prevent unwanted odors from developing.
  • It features a four-splint design for optimum wrist support. 


  • There are some complaints about errors with the thumb design.

Venum Impact Boxing Gloves 

Another premier name in combat sports, Venum delivers an excellent option for beginners with the Venum Impact Boxing Gloves. This heavy bag boxing glove features three layers of foam padding that provides excellent protection for your mitts.

This boxing glove also provides a genuinely snug fit – I recommend you try it on first to get a good grasp of the appropriate size for your hands. To offer better airflow, the Venum Impact uses mesh panels on the palm to reduce sweating.

Wrist support is rudimentary and with the use of Velcro enclosure, putting on and removing the Venum Impact can be done in a jiffy and without assistance.

One shortcoming I found during our tests was that the triple-layer foam seems to be quite poor at moisture-wicking, which means if you have sweaty hands, the Venum Impact may not be the best option available.

Overall, the Venum Impact seems to be made exceptionally well. I won’t be surprised if this will be in your gym bag for years to come.


  • Solid thumb protection design.
  • Made from high-grade material.
  • Durable and excellent shock absorption.
  • Equipped with micro-perforated coating for top-notch breathability.


  • It uses synthetic leather and won’t be able to match up with genuine leather in terms of durability.

Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves 

A longstanding and well-respected brand, Cleto Reyes boxing gloves might be expensive, but they offer professional-level quality ring gear that veterans can genuinely appreciate. Firstly, Cleto boxing gloves are made using genuine goatskin leather which guarantees quality, durability, and flexibility. Within the gloves are moisture-wicking lining that helps in controlling sweat and preventing the interior from developing odors.

With 2-inches of layered foam padding, the Cleto Reyes Training Gloves provides more than adequate protection for your fists. Additionally, the traditional hook and loop enclosure optimizes wrist support for better comfort in throwing a wide variety of punches in rapid succession. That said, you will need assistance when it comes to putting on this boxing glove precisely due to its hook & loop design.


  • Made from high-quality genuine goatskin leather.
  • Well-designed thumb guards offer added protection.
  • It is equipped with 2-inches of layered foam.


  • Quite expensive, but definitely more than makes up for it.

Fairtex Microfiber Boxing Gloves 

This Thailand-made boxing glove was designed for use in Muay Thai and featured a unique pre-curved outer shell that provides it with balanced protection and flexibility.

This added emphasis on flexibility and mobility is due to Muay That’s essential techniques that revolve not only in strikes but also in grappling and clinching.

To achieve this flexibility, the Fairtex Microfiber Boxing Gloves incorporate uni-layer high-density latex foam padding.

This boxing glove also has a pre-curved finger design for better stability and comfort.

Fairtex boxing gloves are also handmade in Thailand and utilize genuine leather that acts as the outer shell from its dense latex foam which provides excellent protection for your knuckles.

Additionally, this boxing glove uses Velcro wrist wrap enclosures that make wearing and removal a cinch.


  • Features Velcro and hook wrist enclosure which prevents the gloves from slipping off.
  • Handmade in Thailand using genuine leather and excellent craftsmanship.
  • Sleek and comfortable design that fits nicely and snug on your hands.


  • The leather used in its construction feels thin in comparison to other leather boxing gloves.

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves 

Lastly, we head on back to the Venum brand with their Elite Boxing Glove product. All things considered; this is our most recommended entry in this list due to its impressive level of quality. The Venum Elite is also designed to be a versatile training glove that will be able to fit into all types of boxing training regimens. Due to its overall design, the Venum Elite is suitable for both beginners and advanced boxers alike.

The Venum Elite is made from genuine premium-grade Skintex leather which is stitched together amazingly well. I can easily see myself, and others, go all out during training and won’t even leave a dent on the outer shell. Underneath the high-grade leather outer shell is a triple-layered high-density foam. The gloves also feature reinforced palms for added shock absorption from impacts when hitting the heavy bag. Other notable features include a Velcro enclosure strap and a ventilated inner mesh.


  • High quality and robust leather construction.
  • Outstanding level of shock absorption. 
  • Secured and excellent wrist support from the Velcro strap.


  • The Venum Elite Boxing Glove seems to be slightly larger than your average boxing gloves.

The Wrap Up

When it comes to boxing gloves for heavy bag training use, the critical factor is with its padding. Ideally, you would want a boxing glove that features high-density foam that will be able to protect your hands from impacts. Also, it should be made well enough to withstand the strenuous daily training routines that are synonymous with boxing. Hopefully, this article has helped open your eyes as to which boxing glove will suit you best during your heavy bag training.


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