6 Best Speed Bag Reviews

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Best speedbags gives you the best performances for your training. Get to know some of the ideal speedball bags designs you’ve been looking for. 

Many who have witnessed boxing or any other martial art training before, must have at least seen and recognized speeds bags. As suggestive of their name, speed bags are stuffed or sometimes inflated ball-shaped bags with a hook holding extension. Like the heavy punch bags, speed bags are the most typical boxing training gears you can find. 

As typical as it might be, it is quite strange that most people do not know what its function is. Again here as its name suggests, it is for speed training. What we mean is that it helps improve the speeds of coordination between your eyes and hands. When hit/ displaced, the ball hits back almost immediately. Hence, it also enhances your focus on the strikes you make. 

It is obvious; speed bags are not of the same model. Different producing companies apply their particular modifications to ensure they give many conveniences to the user as possible. This article, therefore, offers a comprehensive guide on some of the best-speed bags you can choose for your training. This selection bases on both make and performance quality as well as fair prices. 

TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags

Top in our listing is the Title sped bag. A highly popular design with a trademarking feature, the Gyro balance. It is one ideal utility for both combat sports trainees who wish to improve focus, strike speed, and hand-eye coordination. The four-star rated speed bag comes in varied sizes yet the same design to ensure all trainee levels extract the best out its use. 

For its Gyro-Balance feature, this bag comes with a gyroscope, which they say creates a rhythmic motion that which you can easily predict. Even though its manufactures claim this helps add value to the training, it’s, however, not yet verified. 

Despite its high-quality features, TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags of any size comes at highly affordable rates. It is one of our best options we recommend to you. 

Key features and Specifications

  • Gyro-Balance feature: gyroscope adds rhythm to the bags’ motions hence easily predictable.
  • Quality make material: Top quality leather shell; triple reinforced leather lacing and seams for relentless
  • Butyl rubber pro bladder: this has an internal balancing feature for its absolute performance. 


  • Durable
  • Relentless
  • Offers rhythmic motions
  • Quite affordable


  • Lopsided – some users complain it does not balance
  • Low performance – the bag does not hold air long

Pro Impact Speedbag Black

For less than $40, you get your heavy-duty fully packed Pro Impact Speedbag on Amazon. This high-end swivel punching ball is an ideal design for those engaging in MMA Muay Thai, Boxing, or any other fitness sports training. One element promoting its fame is its high-quality PU leather material forming its cover and lacings. The 100% top-grade leather significantly contributes to its absolute relentless and so durability.

The pear-shaped speedbag offers rapid recoiling, which in turn helps you train on reflex, speed, and hand-eye coordination. Additionally, it enables you to improve on your strike accuracy, given its excellent rhythmical rebound. 

As one of the best choices in this listing, Pro Impact Speedbag Black is accommodative of all training levels, beginner to pro. It is available in various sizes; extra small measuring 5″x7″ size; small bag 6″x9″ and medium 7″x10″. Depending on what you are training on, either of these three will always accommodate you.

Key features and specifications

  • Top-grade material: The Pro Impact Speedbag Black is a PU leather made. Because of this, it offers supreme durability and relentlessness.
  • Quality construction: inside, it is a heavy-duty latex bladder that prevents air loss from several repeated punches. Pro also comes with welted triple reinforced seams, which increases the bag’s reliability. This means it does not influence the bag’s direction when struck.
  • Varied sizes: Pro speedbag comes in three variations in terms of size. There is the extra small one measuring 5″x7″. The small bag 6″x9″ and medium 7″x10″.
  • Pear shape: This design promotes rapid recoiling hence help you train on reflex, speed as well as hand-eye coordination.


  • Quality construction design
  • Pear shape
  • Easy mounting
  • Durable
  • Air-tight internal bladder


  • Slow recoil
  • The extra small size is far smaller

Everlast Speed Bag 10X7 (4242)

Everlast is a highly reputable company when it comes to the production of highly effective boxing gears. Now, they not only produce heavy punching bags but speed bags as well. One most important fact about their items is quality. They deliver top-notch designs which grant absolute excellent performance. Their Everlast Speed Bag 1
0X7 is a classic leather design featuring double stitches and enhanced flat-welting. 

The fully rebound bag offers quick recoil and excellent balance for every strong punch that strikes it. Because of these purposeful features, it stands out as one of the best boxing training gear you can get. It is quite suitable for persons who want to improve on accuracy, hand-eye coordination, and also build muscles. You can give it a try today to explore all these efficacies.

Key features and Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 3.8 x 11 x 6.1 inches
  • Quality construction: It features leather material in top-grade leather material in its construction. Also double stitches and enhanced flat-welting for longevity and relentlessness.
  • Shape and balance: It has a pear shape and best balance enable accurate rebounding


  • Accurate rebounding
  • Durable construction
  • Pear shape
  • Easy to mount


  • Less durable
  • Weak bladder

For less than $30, you will find this bag at any of your convenient combat gear stores. 

Meister SpeedKills Leather Speed Bag w/Lightweight Latex Bladder

Meister now introduces its SpeedKills Leather Speed Bag built for durability, speed, and predictability. It is one effective back that you always hit and comes back immediately for another blow. The bag’s material composes of 100% original cow-hide leather stitched more securely to enhance relentlessness and durability.

Its inside features include a latex bladder providing more lightness and quicker performance better than any other traditional rubber bladders. However, you need to note that its regular refilling is of great essence. It helps keep the bladder in good shape long enough. Meister SpeedKills bags are symmetrically shaped, and that helps create its quality balance and enhancing predictable rebounds. 

SpeedKills come in three types defined by size. The small bag measuring 7.5″ x 5″ – this is best for experts. The medium measures 9.5″ x 6,” and it is ideal for intermediates, and the largest measuring 10.5″ x 7″ is for beginners. You can have any of these models either for your home or commercial gym.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Material: Genuine full-grain cowhide leather
  • Lightweight inner latex bladder: This provides faster and quality performance
  • Symmetrical shape: Help sets the balance and enhances predictability in its consistent rebounds
  • It is a premium design suitable for any home or gym
  • Varied sizes: small (7.5″ x 5″), Medium (9.5″ x 6″), and Large (10.5″ x 7″)


  • Lightweight bladder
  • Durable
  • Accommodates all trainees’ – beginners, intermediate and pros
  • Ideal for either home or gym environment


  • It does not hold air long enough
  • Irregular rebounds

Tomasar Free Standing Punching Bag Speed Ball

When it comes to Tamasar speedball, things are different. The main difference here is the mounting design. Unlike other speedballs, you hang from above, Tomasar mount from below. Its package consists of a special mounting stand with a large ‘foot’ base weighing 30 kg and 40 kg when filled with water and sand, respectively. This means, however hard you strike the ball, it will not tilt off so easily. 

About its stand, it is height adjustable. Hence, depending on what skills you are training on, high kicks, or low ones, you can always adjust it to your convenient height. For its exemplary functionality and features, this speedbag design is the best you can get for your home workouts. 

Key features and specifications

  • Best Material: High-quality PU leather, ultra-strong sponge, and steel thus enhancing performance and durability 
  • Highly stable: It has a large capacity base weighing 30kg when filled with water and 40 with sand.
  • Height Adjustable: Its freestanding stand is height adjustable, from 56.2 to 60.8 – inches.


  • All height accommodative
  • Stable
  • Durable
  • Easy installation


  • Less durable
  • Poor packaging

RDX Double End Speed Ball Bag

RDX speedball bag is another unique design that you can use for your boxing training. It is a speedball like any other only different in its structure and so mounting style. Instead of one mounting platform, the oval-shaped RDX comes with two – connecting vertically at its stretching points. IIn its package, it comes with a sturdy Nylon mounting strap which effectively holds it into position. 

You can always adjust this cord to fit the right height for your convenient use. One more feature you will like about RDX speedball bag design is the fact that it gives 360-degree access to the ball.

Key features and specifications  

  • Quality make material: top-notch Maya Hide Leather
  • Heavy-duty nylon strap for mounting
  • Its package includes four metal O-Rings plus durable PVC buckle as well as fixings


  • Quality fixings
  • Easy to mount
  • 360-degrees ball access
  • Durable


  • Low leather quality
  • It does not keep inflated air long enough

Do you need gloves for a speed bag?

As much as there are speed bag gloves, you don’t need to use them. Hand wraps are enough. After all, speedbags come with a smooth surface, which may not cause you and injury. However, for those who only feel comfortable training with them on, it’s well and good – you can do so. 

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