Everlast Pro Elite Style Training Gloves Boxing glove review

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Everlast remains a big brand in the boxing industry. Founded in 1910, the brand has been the main reason boxers enjoy their games without breaking a wrist. Everlast Pro Elite Style Training Gloves Boxing gloves are celebrated by many for being soft, stylish, and comfortable. 

Product Description

Everlast Pro Elite Style Training gloves appear to be like an upgraded version of the regular “Pro Style” training gloves. With a variety of different features, these gloves feature a slightly different shape and fit compared to the “Pro Style” version. 

The gloves are made from premium synthetic leather. Made with excellent construction in terms of design and material, it is more durable than many similar items in the global market.

The product is designed with a full mesh palm that ensures complete breathability and enhanced comfort to the palms. Besides, the gloves have an updated ever shield for superior wrist protection. The hook-and-loop closure ensures the gloves are tightly fixed on the wrists with minimal slide effects. 

Everlast Pro Elite Style Training gloves boxing gloves come in different colors, and sizes. This black training type weighs about 12 oz. It is recommended for individuals of at least 5 feet 5 inches tall and about 140 pounds. 

They are designed for beginners and offer a great value that highly appeals to those looking for a new opportunity. The design is specifically meant for boxing. However, it works perfectly well for other uses such as kickboxing.

Although the gloves are designed for boxing, it performs rather more perfectly in kickboxing or Muay Thai. 


The Everlast Pro Elite Style Training Gloves Boxing Gloves measure 13.58 x 6.69 x 5 inches. The item model P00001240 weighs 1.8 pounds and can be used by both men and women.

First produced on January 15 2018 by Everlast Dropship, this product is still available in the market. It is ranked at number 1,156 in sports and outdoors and number two in Boxing Training Gloves. 


These gloves have a more unique style. This is what makes them particularly stand out especially as a result of the ‘shield’ section which is well-knit at the back of the wrist. 

 Although some color combinations in the various gloves are brighter than others, there is always a choice for every taste especially those with the thrill to stand out in the gym.  

A closer look at the details reveals the amount of thought deployed in delivering the glorious visual styles.  

Weight And Distribution

Compared to the other gloves in the market, these boxing gloves are fairly average in size. Although they are a good all-round weight especially for starters, they have shorter finger compartments compared to any other boxing gloves in the market. 

Padding material for the gloves is perfectly and evenly distributed. Besides, the ‘shielded’ section around the wrist area is adequately padded for maximum wrist protection. It, therefore, gives maximum support to the wrist especially for blocking. 

The gloves however do not have enough protection around the knuckles. 


Although the gloves are well-stitched, some loose threads are appearing on the edges. Also, the synthetic leather has been perfectly pulled over the glove. Some crumples are however visible at the points where the synthetic curves especially at the edges.

The fingers feel quite comfortable within the gloves. Sometimes they may get caught up, but this is simply resolved by a gentle wiggle. Although the thumb feels upright, it is more personal as every user would have a different opinion. 


The Everlast Pro Elite Training Gloves are constructed with synthetic leather. With a cool smooth finish, the material is visible and the synthetic texture can be easily noticed when closely visualized. 

When the gloves are new, the inner material is a bit stiff, which can be quite annoying. It however softens after some use and is more comfortable when used with the hand wraps tied. 

Unlike many gloves which come with a small breather section, Everlast pro elite styles training gloves are entirely woven with a mesh palm. They are therefore better ventilated than any other gloves making them easier to air out.

Although they may lose shape when not in use for some time, the mesh palm remains gentle and smooth with excellent breathability. 

Also, the gloves are made with short, stylish Velcro. As opposed to the long and wavy wraparound straps on the standard gloves. The straps are strong and elastic, giving tight holds with no worries of the gloves becoming too loose while in use. 


At 14oz, these versions of gloves are fairly small. They may therefore not be a good fit for people with larger hands as they will most likely appear tighter and uncomfortable. However, small palms are comfortable, and once fitted, the comfort increases as they are used. 

The straps are much easier to do and undo because they do not wrap around as those of standard gloves. Besides, the straps are elastic and provide more secure fits even for smaller hands. 

While different types of gloves may easily get sweaty and uncomfortable when under use, these have more breathers and are much cooler. And in case any other punch goes wrong, the shield offers greater support for the wrist against bending. 


For beginners, 39.99 dollars is a fair price. The gloves are therefore basically targeted at beginner boxers. However, they are much superior compared to any other beginner gloves in the market.  

Although there are a big number of beginner gloves in the market, the Everlast pro elite style training gloves boxing gloves are much more superior. With more comfortable wrist straps, cool breathers, and improved shields, these gloves are a great choice for your everyday bag and pad work.


Q. Is there any trick to wearing or removing the gloves?

No. Just pull the gloves over your hand, secure the Velcro to strap, and loosen the Velcro to unstrap.

Q. What does 14oz mean?

It refers to the weight of the gloves. Heavier gloves are good for training while lighter gloves are good for the match.

Q. Is heavier better?

The weight of gloves you pick determines how hard you can work. The bigger the ounce, the more weight you have on your hands. Larger ounces are therefore good for practice. 

Q. Are they good for sparring


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