Everlast Pro Style MMA Grappling Gloves review

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For quality boxing gear, Everlast remains a force to reckon with. Boxers get all the solutions they need with Everlast Pro style MMA. The material combines style with tenderness to deliver a more comfortable boxing glove.  

Product Description

Generally, grappling techniques are predominantly used in martial arts. It is therefore ideal for boxers and athletes who are interested in the skill.

The gloves are designed for greater performance, whether at the gym or in the ring. The durability they provide together with the enhanced functionality of the MMA grappling gloves qualifies them for grappling training, competition, and mitt work.

Designed with a closed-form cell technology, the Everlast pro-style MMA grappling gloves offer maximum impact protection. Besides, they are made from premium synthetic leather with an excellent construction design and material that promises durability.

The gloves are designed with EverDri technology-moisture absorbing lining that guarantees complete breathability and keeps the hands all-time dry. A full wrist wrap strap is included to provide robust wrist support.

Besides, it also offers a more customizable fit. The hook and loop closure provides a tight wrist fix with minimal slide effects. 

Also, the MMA grappling gloves are black and there are both medium and small sizes. The fingerless gloves are designed to help you build both submission and clinch fighting techniques quickly.

They are made with an improved glove padding silhouette, and the fist shape helps with increasing the comfort and making it more flexible.

Also, the gloves have in-built articulated ridges made specifically to fit your fingers for easy finger movement.


The Everlast pro-style MMA grappling gloves measure 10.5 x 5.5 x 2 inches. The item model number is 7778BSM and weighs 9.6 Ounces. The product is unisex and can be comfortably used by both men and women. 

First produced on June 10 2010 by Everlast, the gloves are still in the market. Ranked at number 4,998 in sports and outdoors, and position fifteen in Boxing Training Gloves, this product is tested and quality assured. 


The Everlast pro-style MMA grappling gloves are designed with style and strength in mind. While offering maximum flexibility and protection to your fingers during the fight, they also provide glamor especially to fighters who like to mix fashion with power.

The key features of the gloves one should look for in very purchase include:

  • Refine padding to offer ergonomic fist shape. This improves the flexibility and comfort of the gloves
  • Wrap strap for full wrist protection, customizable fit, and support
  • Durability as a functionality
  • High-quality design and construction are done with premium synthetic leather
  • Small and medium sizes

The gloves look trendy. Besides, a closer look at the details exposes the amount of skill used in developing the magnificent styles. 

Weight And Distribution

These grappling gloves are fairly heavier than similar gloves in the market. They are considered to be within the welterweight class at 6 oz. Also, they are suitable for boxers weighing between 86 kg and 92 kg.

The weight of the material is fairly distributed within the gloves. Boxers, therefore, get a feeling of uniformity in terms of weight balance in practice and even during the fight. This uniformity in distribution is important in creating hand and palm balance for undisturbed hand motion during the fight.


The gloves feature closed cell foam technology. This is used for improved hand protection. Also, the synthetic leather is perfectly pulled to produce a clean finish around the edges.

Additionally, the ridges that have been provided on the inside of the gloves increase comfort for the fingers. Besides, it ensures that the fingers do not get caught up with a simple joggle.  


The Everlast Pro Style MMA grappling gloves are assembled with Faux leather. The material is closely knit with a clean finish. 

Commonly, the material will be stiff when the gloves are still new. This can be annoying but it lasts only a few days with constant use. The material should be always used with hand wraps on. Also, the gloves are adequately ventilated and this makes them easier to air out.


At 16oz, the gloves are fairly heavier. They are therefore a good fit for boxers with larger hands. Some of the key features that enhance comfort in the gloves include:

  • Closed-cell foam technology. This enhances hand protection ensuring your hands are fully comfortable while the gloves are underuse
  • Everfresh antimicrobial treatment. This prevents any offensive odors from the use of gloves. By keeping the material fresh and smelling nice, boxers are motivated to continue use even longer
  • Hook and loop strap. They are made adjustable to ensure every hand fits securely and you can quickly wear or remove them from your hands.

Because the straps do not wrap around, they are much easier to do or undo. Also, the straps are elastic. This makes it easier for every glove to offer secure protection to every palm size.


The gloves are sold at a range of prices. From 24.48 dollars to 50.89 dollars. Also, the gloves are targeted at adult boxers.


The gloves come under a one-year warranty. The manufacturer provides a warranty against faults such as improperly stitched edges. Every order is therefore secured under the warranty and boxers should not worry about the quality of the product they get.


There are several grappling gloves in the market. The Everlast pro-style MMA grappling gloves are however more superior than many similar types in the market. The straps are more comfortable, the material is strong and durable, padding improves shield, and breathability is enhanced.


Q. Are they good for hitting heavy bags?


Q. Are they washable on the machine?

Machine wash not preferred

Q. Are their weights within UFC regulation?

Yes. UFC provides that gloves should weigh between 4 oz to 6 oz. These are 6 oz.

Q. Are they good for grappling?


Q. Do they come in pairs?


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