Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training Gloves review

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Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training Gloves are now hitting the headlines in the boxing industry as well as social media as one of the best training gloves. The product was designed and manufactured by Everlast Dropship. 

Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training gloves are effective and the users are glad for the effort that the manufacturers put to come up with such products. They are affordable and impressive to various users from different parts of the globe.

Product Description

Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training gloves have the following features. They are specifically designed for women and they come in different colors and sizes; pink white or pink blue. 

The color is very attractive, impressive, and looks beautiful; therefore, many customers prefer the designed colors. The training gloves are of various colors depending on the preferences of the users. The sizes vary from 8 oz. to 12 oz. This indicates that the product can be used by different people of different hand sizes for training. Faux Leather material is one of the best materials that have longevity.

The Everlast women’s Pro Style gloves have a unique feature of shock absorbency; this is met by the double-layer sandwich foam. The manufacturers aim to prevent any injury to the learners. Once you get one for yourself, you will be glad and feel like a boxing champion. It is evident that they make the user stylish and courageous.

The cost of maintenance is also low. The durability of Everlast women’s Pro Style Training Gloves, clearly indicates that they are made from materials that have longevity. The durability is well taken care of by using the materials like Faux Leather. Most users have celebrated the company for this unique feature.

They are designed for women and offer a great value that highly appeals to those looking for a new opportunity. The design is specifically meant for training.

The trainee should purchase these gloves because they are protective against injuries that may occur during the training. The gloves have a natural shape that protects all the fingers from injuries, suitable for punching bag training

The thumb is protected by the use of a patented Thumb-Lok. Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training gloves are designed with a full mesh palm that enables complete breathability and enhanced comfort to the palms. The gloves fit tightly on the wrists with minimal slide effects.

The price of the product is affordable to other sellers who may have a challenge in offering free premium shipping. 


Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training Gloves arrived in the market on 6 November 2020. The product measures 12.48 by 6.26 by 4.21 inches. The manufacturers have never discontinued it and it is recommended for women ranging from 15years and above.

It is also a unisex- adult product that is female-oriented. The product model number is 1200027 and the ASIN. B079638VZJ

The manufacturer is none other than Everlast Dropship. The item weighs 1.2 pounds while the package weight is 0.5kg


Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training gloves are made of materials none other than Nylon which is combined with synthetic leather. It has a smooth and fine texture following the materials used.

The brand new gloves from the market have various traits; their inner parts are always stiff, which can be a bit challenging but this is normally reduced with time. Most of the user’s attention is drowned by the faithfulness and honesty of the manufacturers. This is because all the information on the Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training gloves is valid and up-to-date.

Everfresh treatment helps prevent offensive odors, keeping your products smelling fresh, Full mesh palm ensures breathability and comfortability.


The price for the gloves is reasonable and affordable for all people. A pair of gloves go for 27 dollars, though the shipping cost should also be included. This type of gloves has been considered among the best training gloves that women should use.

The fair price of the gloves has also hit the headlines on social media and people are impressed with the works of the producers. Everyone is struggling to have their pair.


For the gloves to be rated among the best, then it means that it has some unique comfortability. The product is designed with a full mesh palm that ensures complete breathability and enhances comfort to the palms. 

Also, the gloves have an updated ever shield for superior wrist protection.

Unlike other gloves, these gloves have a unique style that makes the users comfortable. The range of colors enables the user to choose the one that she is comfortable with.

It has improved curved anatomical grip and fit, ideal for sparring, heavy bag workouts, and mitt work

Warranty Information

Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training gloves have a warranty from defects in materials and workmanship for 120 days from the date of purchase. This is only considered when they have not been subjected to obvious abuse, neglect, or misuse.

Any item that goes beyond 120 days after the purchase may be limited to repairs or replacements by the Everlast. The three months warranty is very significant and it gives assurance to the users.


Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training gloves are among the best gloves in the market to-date. The uniqueness of these gloves, cool breathers, wrists traps, and improved shields are some of the features that make them superior to other gloves.


Q. What does 12oz mean?

It refers to the weight of the gloves; heavier gloves are good for training while lighter gloves are good for the match.

Q. What oz. gloves should I use for training?

Normally, the glove you use for training depends on the nature of boxing you would like to get involved in. For example, lighter boxers prefer small gloves, while heavier boxers prefer larger size gloves.

Q. How do I know what boxing gloves to purchase?

The boxing gloves are normally designed based on three measurements; height, weight, and the circumference of the dominant hand. Therefore, you can use the three factors to determine the best glove size for you.

Q. Are 12 oz. Are gloves good for heavy bags?

Yes, these gloves typically allow you to work on delivering your punches with speed without sacrificing hand protection.

Q. Do you like Everlast women’s Pro Style Training gloves?

Yes, though they are unisex-oriented

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