Grant Boxing Gloves Overview and Review

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Grant is a relative newcomer in the industry as they began production back in the early 90s. However, their rise to prominence in the sport was nothing short of meteoric. In fact, Grant has become one of the most sought-after boxing gears in the market that it actually became a bit difficult to get a hold of one of their products during recent years.

What’s surprising here is that Grant does not have any official website – you will need to either email them directly to place an order or go through popular third-party retailers (online and physical). Despite being a bit inaccessible, Grant has become one of the most well-known, well-established, and well-respected boxing gear manufacturers in the market.

We can easily include Grant, along with brands such as Winning, right up there at the top of the best boxing gloves in the industry.

Go ahead and watch a professional boxing event and the likelihood of you seeing more than a couple of boxers wearing a pair of Grant boxing gloves is a near guarantee.

As for professional boxers who are known to wear Grant boxing gloves during their fight, the list is an impressive one with names like Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Canelo, Bernard Hopkins, and GGG – current and future hall of famers.

In-Depth Look at Grant Boxing Gloves

As stated earlier, Grant first broke into the business back in the early 90s. They quickly found their footing and by the early 2000s, Grant had become one of the most recognizable boxing gear brands in the world.

In fact, you could say that along with other manufacturers like Winning, Grant has become synonymous with contact sports. What makes Grant boxing gloves special is that they are typically made to order.

While this means that is virtually impossible to find one readily available at your local sports shop – this also means that every boxing glove that Grant makes is designed and optimized for that specific customer. You can see why Grant boxing gloves are among the most expensive in the market and why they are often seen being worn by the pros.

The duration from order placement to receiving the Grant boxing glove usually takes around 8 weeks max. The order is sent to their factory in Mexico where the glove is handmade, goes through their impeccable quality assurance process, prepped, and shipped out.

While it is possible to find Grant boxing gloves on Amazon or eBay, you should expect it to have a steep price. Now, you might be wondering how a boxing glove manufacturer that began operations back in the 90s can go toe to toe with a brand like Winning, which has been since the 1930s? Well, let’s take a closer gander at Grant boxing gloves and find out, shall we?

Weight Distribution

Rating: 9/10

As is the case with professional boxing gloves used in competitions, Grant boxing gloves do not provide that much padding. This gives you an idea as to what type of task this boxing glove is designed for – mainly, for delivering hard-hitting punches to the target.

The general focus of Grant boxing gloves is with protection to the wearer and stability. You will notice how the wrist sleeve is noticeably longer. This long sleeve design will provide better wrist support and protection once the gloves are properly laced up.

Another notable feature in Grant boxing gloves is that it does not come with any straps. This is a traditional boxing glove that specifically uses lace-up to secure and anchor the enclosure.

As for the weight distribution, Grant boxing gloves incorporate less padding which means that each strike will pack a wallop. With less padding, the gloves are also incredibly lightweight – this means that boxers will be able to utilize their speed and power to its fullest. This might be why GGG often uses Grant boxing gloves as it perfectly complements his fast and furious style of boxing.


Rating: 8.5/10

As far as protecting your hands, Grant seems to be half-way between what Cleto Reyes and Winning boxing gloves provide. Winning boxing gloves are also known as “Pillows” due to their excellent padding while Cleto Reyes is designed with less emphasis on padding and more on the ‘hurt business’.

We place Grant firmly in the middle of these two top-notch manufacturers which is not a bad place to be. In fact, this is an excellent position to be in, similar to the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story. Simply put, Grant boxing gloves are just right.

Grant does provide excellent protection for your knuckles and its premium construction also means longevity. Grant boxing gloves are known to withstand a ton of abuse without breaking a sweat. We also noticed how Grant’s padding is more rigid and has little given while still being quite comfortable.

The construction and craftsmanship put into Grant boxing gloves are undeniable and it is easy to see why a lot of boxing greats prefer using this brand. The thumb guard also fits quite well even if it is a bit on the larger side.

The snug fit prevented our thumb to wiggle around and the stiff enclosure meant that your thumb is locked in place – no need to worry about tweaking it at an awkward angle when throwing punches.

One downside to its rigid structure is when you try to clench your fist. We found it quite hard to make a complete fist. This is not much of a factor but might be distracting for some who prefer to clench their fist as tight as possible when throwing a punch.

Due to the resistance that the Grant boxing gloves have when trying to clench your fist, I don’t recommend it for MMA or Muay Thai. 


Rating: 8.5/10

This particular factor is a bit complicated to grade definitely. The reason for this is that we have gathered some complaints claiming that their Grant boxing gloves barely lasted a year with wear and tear visible after a couple of months.

We believe this lands on several variables and not limited to use, build, and maintenance. Factors such as the environment might also lead to whether this boxing glove can last. For example, humidity might cause the deterioration of the gloves to go faster.

Personally, we have yet to encounter a Grant boxing glove that did not last for two years, minimum. However, we cannot simply brush aside the claims of other customers about their unfortunate experience with Grant boxing gloves.

Fortunately, the praises and positives that Grant delivers are unquestionable. The fact that it is one of the premier boxing gloves in the sport is not an accident.

The level of craftsmanship that Grant delivers when it comes to their handmade boxing gloves is on par with the best brands in the business. In fact, Grant is among the best boxing gear manufacturers in the market today. Full stop.


Rating: 9.5/10

Surprisingly enough, despite the rigidity of the outer shell of the gloves, Grant is one of the most comfortable to wear in the sport. A huge factor here is its lightweight and almost ergonomic design.

While Grant boxing gloves do retain that traditional aesthetic, it infuses the old-school with some modern tweaks that remove the shortcomings commonly found in old boxing gloves. We also like to point out the extra-long padded sleeves.

Initially, the extra length gives more wrist support and stability, during matches though, we also noticed how you can use the longer wrist padding to deflect blows without putting too much strain on your wrist!


Rating: 10/10

Grant boxing gloves have a distinct design that blends tradition with a contemporary twist. This makes it quite an appealing choice, so much so that Grant boxing gloves are a staple in PPV boxing events.

They are also often worn by some of the past and current greats of the boxing ring. Additionally, Grant boxing gloves come in both traditional and modern styles. If you prefer, Grant has the classic solid colored gloves that come in the classic red, blue, black, and white.


Rating: 7/10

Here is the part that will cause people to pause – the cost. Due to Grant’s rather exclusive nature, their boxing gloves can be quite expensive in comparison to their competition. However, this higher price tag comes with the advantage of the gloves being personalized.

As we have said earlier, Grant boxing gloves are typically made to order. This means that yours will be designed specifically to your hand circumference, further improving the overall fit and comfort of the gloves. That said, you should expect to shell out a couple of hundred bucks.

Grant boxing gloves can be found typically within the $300 price bracket which is quite steep. While you can find stock gloves with a lower price tag, the fact that Grant boxing gloves are priced anywhere between $300 to $600 is quite a pill to swallow.

At this point, you might think that you are paying that extra dough for the brand name – which actually holds some weight, all things considered.

Overall, I would put Grant right behind Winning when it comes to the overall value for money. The difference in quality is quite slim though, and Grant has more rigid padding than Winning. While I do feel that Grant boxing gloves are a bit overpriced, I can’t deny the fact that it is certainly one of the top boxing gear manufacturers in the market today. Easily a top 3 in my book.

Overall Quality of Grant Boxing Gloves

Despite rather being overpriced, Grant is still one of the top-tier boxing gear manufacturers in the business. It far surpasses being a good or decent glove and is firmly in the upper echelons of the business.

That said, you need to carefully consider the complaints about durability as there are more than a handful of online testimonials claiming that their Grant boxing gloves didn’t even last a full year before it started breaking down. While I personally did not have any of these issues with my Grant glove, it is still something to consider as this is one of the most expensive boxing glove brands in the market. That said, I typically hit the boxing gym about three days a week which may be something you need to factor into your equation.

Based on my take, Grant boxing gloves have some fine craftsmanship behind it with top-notch stitching and a firm construction. The genuine leather that is used on the glove’s outer shell is quite supple and smooth while feeling tough and ready for war. I also liked how the interior features extra soft padding with nylon lining. This construction helped in dispersing heat build-up which further boosts overall comfort.

All in all, I would place Grant among my top three picks of boxing glove manufacturers. However, I am still giving the crown to Winning boxing gloves as I feel it manages to eke the advantage on every facet, especially with the price. Cleto Reyes is another brand I recommend, but Grant surpasses Cleto with a more refined build. Also, Cleto Reyes boxing gloves feel too stiff and rigid for my taste, but that is just me.

Grant Boxing Glove – Is It Worth It?

Now that we have taken an in-depth look at this boxing glove manufacturer, it is time to summarize its strengths and weaknesses.


  • Modern and slick aesthetic.
  • Excellent padding for enhanced hand protection.
  • Less “pillowy” than Winning and hits harder while maintaining the same level of padding.
  • Nylon linings inside provide better ventilation.
  • It feels snug and comfortable to wear.


  • Extremely overpriced, in my opinion.
  • The quality of gloves seems to vary.
  • Takes almost two months to complete the order.

Final Thoughts

Due to the price tag, Grant is clearly geared towards the professional boxers. Its ability to deliver exceptional protection for your hands without hindering your overall punching power is something of a godsend in competitive boxing. If you plan on using it for training, you can do that as well as you can pour on the intensity without needing to worry about accidentally injuring your hands. If you have the budget, Grant boxing gloves are one of the best choices available.

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