Best Headgear Review | For Boxing, Muay Thai And MMA (Updated 2021)

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Everlast Everfresh Head Gear

  • Speed bag made of rugged and resilient Everhide
  • Cheek protectors provide optimal safety and excellent visibility
  • Adustable chin strap for secure fit
  • Adjustable closures fits most adult head sizes
  • Comes in brilliant black

Venum Elite Headgear

by Venum

  • Ultra lightweight to allow faster head movement
  • Available in S/M and L/X sizes, Black/ white color in color.
  • A headgear built to make you feel like a gladiator


Headgear is used to protect your face from your enemy during fight selecting a low-quality headgear cause you severe injuries on your face or head.

So before buying a Headgear sit down calmly and check out our headgear review list.

Cause your life matters.

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Top Headgears of 2019

EVERLAST Headgear 

EVERLAST Headgear is a must have training tool for every boxer from the word go.

Keep your head protected against blows and falls with Closed Cell.

The technology used beneath the superior synthetic leather coating.

This headgear maintains low temperatures from inside, slowing down sweat.

Antimicrobial treatment ensures fresh scent, limiting the growth of bacteria and keeping the gear safe for reuse.

Adjustable strap at the back gives allowance for various head sizes and keeps the headgear in perfect position during training.

Top notch training equipment made to serve and last longest.

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TITLE Traditional Training Headgear


TITLE Traditional Training Headgear sufficient thickness and strong padding keep your head protected by absorbing the effect of blows during training.

Extra soft and smooth inner lining, friendly to the skin and stress-free to keep on.

Adjustable back, top and chin strap holds it in position while allowing great air circulation and easy breathing.

High quality, an all-leather product built with durability in mind. Available in regular and large sizes, red and black colors.



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RIVAL Traditional Training Headgear

Ensuring comfort like no other, RIVAL Traditional Training gear is built with durable leather exterior and soft, water-resistant suede leather interior.

Designed with less-puffed foam on the cheeks to widen the vision while training.

Held in a suitable position by dual hook adjustable straps at the back of the gear.

Built to last for intense boxing gloves. Available in M, L and XL sizes, black in color.

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FIGHT GEAR Master’s Competition Headgear


Charming head protector with remarkably thick padding, securing you from a black eye, bruised cheek or busted nose.

Nothing beats FIGHTGEAR Master’s Competition Headgear in safety. Built with top quality long-lasting leather with semi-lustrous finishing.

Assured positioning by an adjustable buckle chin strap.

You are assured of finishing your fight stronger than your opponent. Available in S, M, L and XL sizes, blue and red colors.


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TITLE Boxing Face Protector Training Headgear

Unsurpassed face protector with heavily layered padding to absorb the weight of every blow aimed at your face.

Extra protection from a busted nose guaranteed by a molded face bar.

Soft interior built from suede for comfort and continuous use accompanied by special leather finishing for the exterior.

Hook and loop back closure allowing great positioning and less shifting while training.

Comes in one size that is suitable for most boxers.


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FIGHTING SPORTS Tri-Tech Training Headgear

Stay assured of your safety in the ring with the unparalleled protector designed to shield your cheeks, ears, nose, chin, and forehead.

Armed with the Trio Technology, guard your face with three interior foams for guaranteed safety, comfort, and impact absorption.

Fitted with an inimitable elastic chin strap to keep the headgear in position throughout the training.

The luxuriant easy-to-clean interior liner is increasing the usage and longevity of the product.

Exterior shell built from full-grain leather for certain robustness.

A fantastic training headgear that has survived the test of time.


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RIVAL d3o Pro Training Headgear

Fitted with the trusted d30 technology to provide the ultimate shock absorption and energy dispersion, Rival D30 Pro Training Headgear is your protector in the ring.

Uniquely padded in the temple area for added protection for your ears. A suede lining interior feels great against your skin.

Exterior prides itself on the top quality leather finish. Guaranteed resistance to wear and tear, sweat, and bad smell.

Employs an easy-to-adjust 3-way Velcro system in the back and extra Velcro chin strap to keep the headgear in perfect position despite heavy blows.

Reputable product for durability, reliability, and strength.

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ADIDAS Amateur Boxing Competition Headgear


One-of-a-kind headgear made from top-notch cowhide leather on the outside and synthetic leather on the inside for comfort and longevity.


Exclusively padded for shock absorption and ultimate protection with Sup-Flex XL Air Cushion.


Trusted product featured in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2012 England Olympic Games.

Stay safe with the ultimate ring experience.


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Handcrafted in Japan, WINNING FG-5000 is an extraordinarily light-weight headgear offering unbeatable protection, reducing blows to sheer noise.

Built with great vision, nose, and ear protection in mind; a rare combination.

Best quality leather exterior finish.

Easily adjustable to give proper positioning and a snug fit.

A highly popular product for extreme training, offering value for your money.


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Deluxe Full Face GelTech Sparring Headgear 2.0

A matchless lightweight headgear made in Japan for extreme action as well as for beginners.

Superb cushioning reduces punches to utter wind yet guaranteeing top-notch comfort.

Built with easy-to-clean Vinyl leather to expel sweat keeping it less smelly and best quality leather on the outside.

Provides an incredible field of view while keeping the eyes protected throughout the training.

Outstanding positioning held by an adjustable chin strap, custom fit for all athletes.

Guarantee your safety with the ultimate boxing headgear.


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Cleto Reyes Traditional Headgear with Pointed Nylon Face Bar


Revolutionary headgear crafted to give extreme safety for vital head organs without compromising on the field of view, positioning, and comfort.

Designed with the user in mind, Grant Professional headgear is built to disseminate shock from every punch sent your way.

Employs old-school handcrafted lace closure for a custom form fit.

A genuine innovation that guarantees you the ultimate experience in the ring.

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Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear

With an all-leather outer coating and several layers of foam inside, the Venum Challenger Training headgear provides fast-class protection from a jab or full hit on the head.

Ultimate protection focused on your chin, ears, forehead, and cheeks to keep you going.

Great positioning provided by hook and loop closure straps on top and back ensuring a snug fit always.

A headgear built to make you feel like a gladiator. Available in S/M and L/X sizes, Black/ white color in color.

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Hayabusa T3 MMA and Boxing Headgear

Built for peak results, Hayabusa Competition Headgear is designed with top quality leather for long-term use in the ring.

Hook and loop adjustable chin strap keeps it in position against blows throughout the training.

Easy to clean, reuse, and free from bacteria.

USA Boxing approved product built to make you love your game.


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