6 Best Punching & Heavy Bag Stands In Reasonable Price

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Choosing quality Boxing Heavy Bag Stand means you are set to enjoy its durability, reliability, and convenience. Learn detailed facts about the best designs you need to look for here. 

Boxing training, like in any other combat sport, requires quality yet essential gears for its effectiveness.

One of these is the heavy bag commonly referred to as the punching bag. Maybe you already know of how it looks like – an air-inflated or stuffed cylindrical-shaped bag used in the boxing training.

Many trainers and trainees in this industry buy these bags; however, forget all about where they will mount them.

It is quite typical to find some people hanging them on their ceiling or the wall. However, either way, it is a risk. The ordinary ceiling might not hold for too long these bags especially the heavy ones. After sometimes, due to the weight, they will begin sagging and finally collapse.

Wall mounting, on the other hand, is detrimental to your interior decorations. It means you will have to make unnecessary holes on your wall for its mounting.

It is only a strong stand capable of holding heavyweight punching bags that you should find. They should be highly stable to allow you to make those heavy punches with no off tilting. Fortunately, the industry has a variety of designs available in different sizes and shapes. Below is an in-depth description of the top six models available in the current market. 

Everlast – 2 Station Heavy Bag Stand

Everlast is one of the most typical heavy bags stands you will find around likely because of its relatively low price. With less than $200, you will find it in most shops, Amazon as well.

It is a beginner-friendly model that offers substantially high stability with a heavy bag, up to 100 pounds hanging on it. It comes with three weight pegs and a rugged, powder-coated steel tubing structure to enhance durability.

As for its highly adjustable height structure, the Everlast – 2 effectively accommodates all speeds bags regardless of their size. For its superior features, it forms a full kit for your home training. 

Key Features and specifications

  • Weight support: Up to 100 pounds
  • Flexibility: Height adjustment feature to accommodate all sized bags
  • Structure: Rugged, powder-coated steel tubing


  • Everlast – 2 Station Heavy Bag Stand comes as a full package consisting of the stand, gloves, hand wrap, and ceiling bracket mount (chain assembly included)
  • High-quality steel structure
  • Three weight plate pegs
  • It can hold punching bags of weights up to 100 pounds
  • Easy to set up/ assemble
  • Usable indoors and also outdoors


  • Everlast -2 stand is not entirely stable. However, you can increase its stability by holding it with few sandbags. 
  • Its package includes low-quality Everlast boxing gloves, which are the best fit for beginners only. 

Yes4 All Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger 

Compared to Everlast, Yes4All Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger is a far much-improved model you can choose as your alternative. It is a wall-mount structure designed with heavy-gauge steel for superior stability and enhanced durability.

Its finish is a black corrosion-free powder coating which helps keep the hanger at its best most performance level.

Fixing it is an easy task. It comes with eight bolt holes that ensure its secure grip to the wall. Because of this, it remains safe and comfortable to use even for intensive training sessions. Its chain is a 360-degrees swivel design of solid steel and galvanized zinc material. It helps lessen hanger affected stress while offering additional support.

Many who buy the Yes4All bag stand are also attracted by its one year warranty, including a 30-day return period.

Key features and specifications

  • Heavy construction: Yes4All features solid heavy-gauge steel in its structure; thus, highly durable and stable.
  • Weight capacity: It supports weights up to 100lbs.
  • Quality finish: It has black anti-corrosion powder coating which adds to its highly reputable longevity
  • Eight bolt holes: You fix it against the wall with eight bolts thus granting secure grip and more stability even during the most intense workout sessions
  • 360-degrees swivel chain design: this design helps lessen stress input on the hanger plus it offers additional support
  • 1-Year warranty: This warranty comes with a 30-day return period if it does not satisfy your expectations.


  • Strong and stable
  • Corrosion/ rust resistant structure
  • One year warranty with a 30-day return period
  • 360-degrees swivel chain design


  • Less durable
  • Low performance – has no strong support

Titan Dual Station Boxing Stand for Speed & Heavy Bag

The Titan Dual Station Boxing Stand is another reliable design model you can trust. It is more like the Everlast -2 in its design; however, differs with few features. It is one ideal stand for both the heavy and the speed bags – either indoor or outdoor use. Like most stands in its category of selection, it supports maximum weights of up to 100 lbs. 

Also, it comes with a high-quality finish characterized by rust/ corrosion free powder-coating, which enhances its overall longevity. 

Key features and Specifications

  • Powder-coated steel tubing: This feature grants more support to bags of any weight up to 100 lbs.
  • Uses: Ideal for home gym, basement, office, or bedroom 
  • Length: 62″ and Width: 47″
  • Three weight plate pegs
  • Height: Has an overall height of 83 1/2″ hence can suitable support bags of up to 80 – inches.
  • Weight: 63 bs


  • Supports heavy punching bags of up to 100 lbs
  • Anti-rust/ corrosion coating finish
  • Ideal for both heavy bags and speed bags
  • Stable


  • Horrid, guide information on set up
  • Low-quality bolts, zinc instead of galvanized zinc

Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand 350lbs Capacity

A tall, and heavy-duty that is what the Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand is. It is an ideal make; you would want for vigorous boxing workouts involving heavy punching bags of not more than 350 lbs.

Its assembling procedure takes you only a few minutes. You only need to screw seven screws and there you go, done. Next is filling sand in its sandbags and placing the four of them on its long extending ‘legs,’ 30″ approximately.

Because of its triangular base structure, you can place it at one of your training room’s corners to conserve space. Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand features high durability features which therefore earns its 15-year warranty. This shows you how promising it can be when it comes to quality performance as well.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Weight capacity: Up to 350lbs
  • Height: 7.8ft tall
  • It comes with four unfilled sandbags: When filled, they significantly add to its stability
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Seven screw assembly


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sufficiently tall for long bags
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Max. Weight capacity of up to 350 lbs


  • Its package exclude punching bag
  • You can ship it to Alaska, Puerto Rico, or Hawaii 

Ringside Prime Free-Standing Station Steel Boxing MMA Heavy Bag Stand

Talking of the top best boxing massive bag stands, you can never miss the Ringside Prime Free-Standing Station on the list. A strong, sufficiently tall, and highly stable are characteristics that best describe it.

The 7’ 11’’ workout station is a highly versatile design you can have either at your commercial gym or in your house gym – wherever it is convenient for you. One unique characteristic it has is its non-mounting hanging feature which makes it easy to set up the station.

With Ringside Prime Free-Standing Station, you will be able to access the bag at 180 range – allowing quality and comfortable strikes. It attracts most buyers by its easy to assemble procedure which barely takes long. 

Key features and specifications 

  • Quality range access to the bag: 180 degrees
  • Dimensions: Length; 35’’, Width; 50’’, height: 7’ 11’’.
  • Corrosion/ rust resistant structure
  • Best for commercial/ home use


  • Sufficiently tall
  • Corrosion/ rust resistant structure
  • 180 degrees bag range access


  • Highly unstable
  • Poor packaging

Happybuy Foldable Boxing Heavy Bag Stand

Happybuy can be a better stand alternative if you seek a heavy-duty boxing bag stand. First, it’s about its structural design which is ideal for enhancing stability – and that is very key.

The highly foldable workout station allows height adjustments between 155cm and 203cm. Meaning, you can always use different punching bags with varied lengths.

Together with its punching bag, Happybuy materials compose of high-quality steel, Iron Sand, EPE, and PVC Cover that ensures longevity. Its triangular-shaped base is a plus also as it provides ultimate stability required for any hard strike. Going for this stand means, therefore, that you will enjoy the excellent performance it has to offer. 

Key features and specifications  

  • Material: high-quality steel, Iron Sand, EPE and PVC
  • Sizes when folded: Length – 160 cm / 63″; Width – 30 cm / 11.8″; Depth – 27 cm / 10.6″
  • Can hang Punching Bags of Up to 6ft
  • Height: comes with an adjustable height range of 48cm/18.9.”
  • 2 in 1 Stand
  • Weight: 19.3kg


  • Made of quality materials
  • Foldable structure
  • Strong and stable
  • Easy assembling procedure
  • Durable 


  • It lacks sandbags
  • Poor packaging

Up to this point, most likely, you already have an idea of which heavy boxing stand you will be buying next. The list could be endless as many new models keep coming in the market. However, the above six remains quite iconic in the boxing industry. 

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