Ringside Apex Boxing Kickboxing Muay Thai Training Gloves review

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Ringside has been for 40 years the undisputed champion when it comes to boxing gears and training equipment which it provides at very affordable pricing. Ringside Apex Boxing Kickboxing Gloves are the best kickboxing gloves in the market and anytime you put them on when boxing, they will help you push your body.

Product Description

Boxing is the best among the all-inclusive and comprehensive workouts. These gloves will help you in pushing yourself to attain your fitness and athletic goals.

The tapered wrap-around closure offers non-slip secure support for the wrist as the hook & loop closure allows you to easily take them on and off with no difficulty.

The punching MMA Muay Thai gloves have Stay-Dri Lining that ensures microbial protection and the ventilation holes found in the mesh thumb and palm help in rapid drying of sweat and water for maximum comfort.

They also have a good amount of padding at the knuckle section which will probably help you land a good shot while in the gym.

IMF (Injected Molded Foam) Technology is very superior to layered-foam and some Molded-Foam gloves provide better durability and protection. The MMA Muay Thai gloves have a pre-curved and exclusive molded hand compartment that supports natural fist and hand alignment whenever you are striking.

The IMF Technology has 2 inches thick molded foam which is formulated specifically to absorb shock and disperse it while casing the hand automatically in a protective compartment. Its durability is two times that of layered foam gloves.

The gloves also include a traditional boxing grip bar which helps to reduce hand fatigue and allow a tighter fist. Moreover, the textured synthetic leather material is very affordable, easy to clean and it is also durable.


Ringside Apex Boxing Kickboxing Gloves measure 5.5 x 5.5 x 16 inches. The item model FTG1 BK/RD S/M weighs 1.1 Pounds and they are specifically for the Unisex-adult.

The product was first produced by Ringside Inc. on January 6, 2017, and it still features among the best in the market. It is ranked number 36,008 in Sports & Outdoors and number 16 in Boxing Bag Gloves. It has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars with 871 ratings


The medium or small-size gloves are designed for Small petite women as well as youth athletes. They weigh approximately 10oz even though they are as protective as the 12 or 14-ounce gloves. Also, the more the weight, the more protection it offers.

The 12 oz gloves are very suitable for beginners and the more advanced you become, the more power you will have behind your punch and the more padding you would require.

But if you are light enough and the small ones fit, chances are that you aren’t hitting hard enough and this won’t justify more protection. Ringside IMF molded foam offers you utmost protection and you don’t need to use heavier gloves.

The ringside apex gloves are better for heavy bags. They have the best padding and can hold up after 2 years. The gloves do not get sweaty or hot since they have holes that release any heat generated.


The fair prices of these gloves range between 42.99-47 and they are very superior in the market compared to any other gloves. They are mainly targeted at kickboxers and boxers.


Even though there are several gloves in the market for boxing and kickboxing, Ringside Apex Boxing Kickboxing Gloves are far much better and superior. With the IMF Technology, the secure wrist support, and the Stay-Dri Lining, these gloves are the best choice for your boxing and kickboxing workouts and challenges


Q. What is the weight of these gloves?

They come in 16, 14, 12 and 8ozs

Q. What is considered 12 oz?

For gloves, the ounces refer to the amount of padding in the glove. 12 oz would be good for a beginner. The more advanced you get, the more power you have behind your punch and the more padding you would need.

Q. How do I know what size is my hand?

If you are over 6 feet tall you have a big hand, under 6 feet tall average hand, under 5’5 probably a small hand.

Q. Is there another item I can purchase with these gloves like a punching bag, motion bag?

You can start by buying a mouthpiece and if you are male you must purchase a cap for your protection. You should go to a sporting goods store and try out the punching bags to see what will work for you

Q. If you wear size 16oz, will the l/xl fit?

l/xl would be tight as they are larger than extra large

Q. Is it hard to block with these gloves? Is it good for novices?

Starting with gloves that are too big and too heavy will work against you. Please learn the sport and have a good coach and sparring buddy.

Q. Would the size small/medium be suitable for a child?

It depends on how small she is, what size clothes she wears and how old she is.

Q. What are the ideal oz gloves for petite/apx 110lbs?

The small/medium size gloves are designed for small petite women and youth athletes. These small or medium gloves weigh approximately 10oz but they are as protective as a 12 or 14-ounce boxing gloves. Ringside IMF molded foam gives you premium protection and you don’t have to use a heavier glove.

Q. How would I know what size to order for a female kickboxer?

It’s up to the user’s preference. A small or medium should be fine, though the next size up will slightly help more with speed during training. Either size will be just fine.

Q. Do all colors have the “IMF” printing on the thumb?

Bag gloves do not have IMF on the thumb, sparring gloves do.

Q. Are these good gloves for a boxing fitness class?

They are meant to be used for actual boxing, but a fitness class will be good too

Q. Are these gloves good for sparing or just to train?

They do have a good amount of padding at the knuckle section, but they don’t have an oz weight. Other people may think you’re using 8 or 10 fighting gloves but they are more of 12 to 14 but it doesn’t say on the glove which may start an argument in the gym if you land a good shot.

Q. Do these gloves get hot during kickboxing?

The gloves are were hot or sweaty. They have holes to release any heat you give off.

Q. How many ounces are the small/medium?

The small/medium size is 8 oz and the large/xlarge is 10 oz.

Q. Do the s/m and l/xl have the same amount of protection?

More weight means more protection. But if you are light enough that the small fits, chances are you aren’t hitting hard enough to justify more protection.

Q. What is the largest size?

The largest size is the l/xl, which is about 12 oz. The sparring version of these gloves will come in 16 oz. The main difference is the extra padding on the back of the hand.

Q. Should I use wraps under these gloves?

Yes, you should always use wraps under any gloves you use. It protects your wrist and knuckles.

Q. What is the difference between l-xl and large/xl?

There is no difference between l-xl and large/xl.

Q. Why is the green/black and neon green/black look the same in the pictures?

It is the same glove. It looks like the naming of the options was not the same between sellers.

Q. Do you need to wear hand wraps to keep the skin from being torn off my knuckles?

No skin will be torn off your knuckles, but you will need to wear them if you expect to pound the heavy bag. What the wraps do is provide support for the wrists and the bone structure of the hands; you run the risk of injuring yourself if you hit the heavy bag without wraps.

Q. Which are better for heavy bag work, ringside apex, or Venum elite?

The ringside apex gloves are better for heavy bags, they are padded well.

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