Ringside Pro-Style Boxing Training Gloves review

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Ringside has been a big name for the longest time in boxing. The company has moved from a special boxing glove maker to making a big category of MMA and boxing products. The name is therefore seen in several punching bags, shirts, boxing gloves among many other products.

Product Description

The Ringside pro style boxing training gloves are a great component of any trainee gym. The gloves have an added padding that enables users to utilize the gloves in a better way. Boxers can use them to hit pads, spar, or even deliver the big power shots on heavy bags without worrying about hand injury or glove damage.

Instead of the layered-foam padding that is commonly used in several gloves, Ringside uses molded protected foam (MPF). This material is much more superior to conventional foam and guarantees both comfort and safety for increased wrist and whole hand protection.

The product is made from synthetic leather. The synthetic leather shell is tender and makes it easier to clean the gloves after every session. Besides, it also helps to prevent frequent tearing or even cracking on the gloves.

The gloves are made with full wrap-around straps. The complete hook and loop system ensures that the gloves are completely fastened and the gloves can be removed without help. Also, more padding is provided to the wrists. This addition gives you more wrist protection and is especially important for people with weaker wrists.

The gloves have an attached thumb. This design enhances whole hand protection and increases stability by keeping all fingers within the enclosure. The hands are therefore placed in both a natural and neutral environment with very few chances of injury or damage to your hands.


The product dimensions are 16 x 8 x 7 inches. The item model is BG16BK/PKS/M and is about 1.5 Pounds. This product is universal and can be used by both men and women. Ringside pro style boxing training gloves were first released into the market on November 11, 2014.

Manufactured by Ringside Inc., they have dominated the boxing industry for the past six years. The gloves are ranked at position 44,263 in sports and outdoors and position 55 in boxing training gloves.


The gloves come in small and medium-sized and can be black/red, white/blue, or red/white. Made from Faux Leather for training purposes, Ringside looks bolder than other gloves in the same category.

The gloves are therefore available for a variety of personal preferences and come in both 14oz and 16oz.

Weight And Distribution

The gloves are professionally wrapped with synthetic leather comfortably pulled over to create a sufficiently balanced weight. Besides, the padding system is properly distributed to give your hands a feeling of comfort during practice or a real fight.


The Ringside pro style boxing gloves are assembled with premium leather fitted. Commonly, the material will be stiff when the gloves are still new. They however gain more tenderness on constant use. The material should be always used with hand wraps on. 


The gloves come in a range of sizes. The manufacturer, therefore, provides small, medium, large and extra-large sizes for a wide range of user sizes. The Ringside pro style boxing training gloves are therefore a good fit for boxers with larger hands too. Some of the key features that enhance comfort in the gloves include:

  • 12 oz or 16oz of weight
  • Everfresh antimicrobial treatment. This keeps offensive odors off the gloves. By keeping the material fresh and smelling nice, boxers are motivated to continue use even longer
  • Hook and loop strap. These are wrap-around straps that ensure improved strapping for tighter fits. They are made adjustable to ensure every hand fits securely and you can quickly wear or remove them from your hands.

Besides, however, the straps are wraparounds, they are much easier to do and undo. Also, they are elastic. This makes it easier for every glove to offer secure protection to every palm size.


These gloves from Ringside provide increased comfort with much more added advantages to boxers across the world. Some of the key benefits you get include:

  • No break-in period
  • Soft injected padding
  • Over 3 years lifespan
  • Good for sparring
  • Suits all training situations

Ringside uses the latest technology in building Ringside pro style boxing training gloves making them strong and long-lasting. Besides, they have no break-in period and guarantees unwavering punching experience.


The gloves are much more fairly priced. As opposed to many more substandard gloves selling above 30 dollars, Ringside pro style boxing training gloves prices fall below 30 dollars and still give you guaranteed quality and fist protection. Ringside tags the price between 23.99 dollars and 29.99 dollars depending on size.


Ringside is a leading manufacturer of boxing gloves. The products come with high-quality models and are preferred by many. Ringside pro style boxing training gloves, therefore, stand out high among the many gloves available in the market.


Q. Are they all 16oz?

No. The Small/medium gloves are 12 oz while the LG/XL ones are 16 oz.

Q. Are they good for sparring?

Yes. The product is perfect for sparring.


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