Venum Contender Boxing Gloves review

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Venum products have special features which make them superior for their purposes. Venum Contender Boxing Gloves in this case is the best choice for training, sparring, doing bag or mitt work and are ideal for Boxing and Fitness Boxing practitioners.

Product Description

The Venum contender boxing gloves are made in such a way that they can withstand a powerful jab, UpperCut cross, or hook. The 100% premium synthetic leather guarantees longer durability of these gloves and the curved anatomical shape, providing lasting comfort and great versatility.

With each of your strikes, the Venum contender boxing gloves absorb shock due to the multi-density foam padding. Large Velcro strap offers enclosure to ensure that the fit is secure and it offers protection to reduce chances of injury during the training.

They are engineered for sparring, training, mitt work, or bag and the premium synthetic leather of these Venum ‘Contender’ boxing gloves increases their durability.

The gloves have a curved anatomical shape, which ensures proper striking technique and offers great versatility. With these gloves, you will enjoy your first striking sensations and you will progress at a pace of your own.

This product’s design is ideal for fitness boxing, striking training, bag work, and mitt work.

Whether you are training, sparring, mitt work, or doing a bag, the Venum gloves will always direct you to a greater goal.

Product Details

Venum Contender Boxing Gloves measures 14.21 x 6.77 x 4.84 inches and the item model VENUM-1109-114-8oz weighs 0.8 Kilograms with a package weight of 0.61 pounds. They can be used by Unisex-adult and they come in sizes of 8-ounce. They have a 30-day manufacturer warranty with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars and 3,376 Reviews.


The Venus Contender Boxing Gloves are black and are made of synthetic. They feature the Hook and Loop closure.


The multi-density foam allows absorption of unparalleled shock and protects your hands and extends your training time. The curved anatomical shape guarantees proper striking technique, which increases your performance and reduces the risk of injury. The Large Velcro enclosure provides a secure fit and wrist support for intense training sessions.


These gloves cost between 31.41-39.99 dollars and are ideal for Boxing and Fitness Boxing practitioners.


Venum Contender Boxing Gloves guarantees you the best performance in your training, sparring, or even mitt work. It is very superior in the market and the best choice for both beginners and advanced users.


Q. Do these gloves work for hitting the heavy bag?

Yes, these gloves provide a terrific experience during heavy bag training as well as sparring, mitt work, or fitness class.

Q. Are they machine washable?

You would not want to put any boxing gloves in a washing machine. They will be ruined.

Q. Would these be good for you in 14 oz if you’re 15 and 6,4

The inside of the gloves is general size. The difference in ounces is in the padding of the glove itself.

Q. Would the 16oz gloves fit the hands of a 270 beginner of 6’5”?

Ounces more so pertain to the activity you are doing with the gloves, rather than the internal fit. The 16-ounce gloves should be suitable for your size and are recommended for training, sparring, and bag work.

Q. Would a 10oz or 8oz be recommended for 5ft and 106lbs? Strictly for bag use.

12 oz is the way

Q. I bought the 14 oz, fits well, but can’t fit hand wraps underneath. Would the 16 oz be better for me, or are they all the same size inside the glove?

Yes, the inside fits about the same, it would just be the weight that would change.  

Q. Would these work for my eleven-year-old son

The 16 oz gloves are great for everything, bag work, mitt work, sparring, and are super durable. If he can start with the 16’s now for all aspects that are great because you need 16’s to spar even if you use smaller sizes for everything else.

Q. What would be the best size for someone whose weight is 77 kgs and height is 5.11?

If you plan to do any live Sparring you need 16oz. If not any size will do 14 is the standard

Q. Would these gloves be good for a Century Bob?

These gloves are durable and can be used on bobs.

Q. What size are these? L/XL?

These gloves do not offer sizes such as small, medium, or large. It is offered in several weight options, 8oz-16oz. On the listing page, there is a sizing recommendation chart based on the user’s body weight.

Q. Where are these gloves made?

The leatherwork is said to be crafted from the skin of Mike Tyson victims with every blow from his mighty orcish hands is enough to make roughly one glove.

Q. I am will 10 oz gloves fit someone with 6’4 and 260 lbs?

The amount of ounces refers to the padding in the gloves, not hand size. Therefore, you should ask your instructor about whatever fighting style you are practicing.

Q. Do this have the hard “grip bar” in the palm?


Q. I have small hands but I weigh 205 should I still get 16 oz?

I think so. I weigh around 170 and these work great. I don’t have the largest hands either but the 16oz still work well.

Q. What’s the best glove size for a 5’5 17-year-old who weighs 220lbs my hand circumference is about 8.5

The 14 oz would be the best. But this recommendation is truly an opinion.

Q. What size should a person with 6.1ft., 155lb go for?

They’re pretty good for practice, strength building, etc. However, your speed will be a lot slower and if you’re not used to it, you will tire a lot quicker. Depends on what you want but it is recommended that you use either the 12 oz. or 10 oz. and say the 14 oz.

Q. Are these good for just punching a punching bag?

Yes, they are very good for that.

Q. Can this glove be used in heavy bags and sparring?

Yes, they can

Q. The vinyl gloves stink of plastic. Do these smell bad when new?

After using the gloves a few times and the “drying” inserts, there would be nothing to report after either. You would take them out of the plastic bag when new and wipe them down with light soap anyways like any new “vinyl” product.

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