Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Boxing glove review

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Venum is one of the best companies in the boxing industry dealing with boxing equipment and attire. They are fully handmade in Thailand with 100% premium Skintex leather. You’ll enjoy the highest quality experience when fighting using these gloves.

Product Description

The Elite range has been the biggest success for this brand for decades. The boxing gloves have been hand-sewn and assembled in Thailand and they are designed for intensive and regular use.

The Elite Gloves have a resistant and flexible PU envelope (made in Japan), a blend of natural multi-density foams, and reinforced seams.

To add to their quality and finish, the Elite gloves have a meticulously studied ergonomic design and will go unnoticed during training.

This product is ideal for striking training, mitt work, bag work, and fitness boxing. It comes in two colors, is black or dark camo that matches your needs and style.

100% premium Skintex leather, handmade in Thailand, for truly Elite level quality. The triple-density foam and reinforced palms provide unrivaled protection and shock absorption.

The strengthened seams guarantee the long-lasting quality, and therefore you can fight longer and harder yet with no signs of damage. They also have an embossed Venum logo.

Product details

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves measures 13.3 x 5.5 x 5.1 inches l and the item model number weighs 0.52kg and can be used by the Unisex-adult.

The product was first produced on April 10, 2020, and is still on the market. It is ranked at number 2,856 in sports and outdoors, number 4 in boxing fight gloves, and number 9 in boxing training gloves. It has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars with 4,013 customer reviews and the product has a warranty of 30 days.


The gloves have layers of natural foam, attached thumb, and anatomical shape / Grip. It has a dark camo or black color which matches the styles of every fitness boxer. They have meticulously studied ergonomic design which makes them unnoticeable during training.


Venum Elite gloves are made of synthetic leather. and they have a cool and smooth finish. Its material is visible, therefore you can notice the synthetic texture easily when you take a close look. 

The inner material of the gloves is always a bit stiff when they are still new, and this turns out to be quite annoying. However, it softens after some time of use and they get more comfortable when you tie the hand wraps before putting them on.


The Venum Elite gloves have a perfect breather section unlike other gloves with smaller breather sections. They, therefore, offer better ventilation compared to the others making them easier to air out. You can also wear wraps on your hand since this will take up the interior room in the glove. It will also help in the ventilation and in preventing swelling of the hands.


The price of these durable gloves ranges between 57.70-165.99 dollars and it has classic characteristics for both advanced users and beginners.


The Venum Elite gloves have become very superior in the market for both beginner and advanced users. With reinforced palms, long cuffs, and triple density foam, gloves provide unrivaled shock absorption, protecting your hands and wrists, and extending your training time. 


Q. How does this compare to the dimensions of the title classic glove?

The Venoms IMO are a little tighter fitting. I have small hands too and I’m too lazy to wrap my hands sometimes but they fit great without wraps and pretty snug with wraps. Overall, it’s better quality and more durable glove too.

Q. Do these gloves tend to run small?

They fit like the other 16oz. They’re comfortable and there is plenty of space for the hand.

Q. What would you recommend? Venum Sharp or Elite?

The Elite 16oz works great. The gloves are a little stiff feeling around the wrist at first, but they soften up pretty quickly.

Q. How do these compare with the Hayabusa T3’s?

The Hayabusa T3’s will offer a better material, more support, and offers a microfiber thumb to help eliminate unwanted sweat. While the Venum’s are still a good pair of gloves, the Hayabusa would be considered more of a premium line.

Q. What’s the difference between a 12 ounce and 12 oz???? 12-ounce black white is not available but 12 oz is, wonder why?

There isn’t a difference, they just abbreviated it. The same was true for my 14 oz ones and they were correct when I ordered and received them.

Q. Are these leather?

They are made with semi leather which prolongs longer durability.

Q. What size gloves will fit a semi-experienced recreational boxer, sparring, and heavy bag 8.0 -8.5 circumference?

You need to evaluate what size you will need by your size. A 5’7 female can use 14 or 16 lb. You can also have both sizes if you like. The heavier the weight, obviously a little more of a workout effort as well.

Q. Is it possible to exchange your order? 

Yes, it is possible. For example, if you accidentally order gray gloves yet you need a 16 ounce matte/black pair. You can contact the seller and return the package to the seller.

Q. Is this a kickboxing glove?

They are good boxing gloves and would also be good for kickboxing. You can use them for both bag work and sparring and boxing and kickboxing.

Q. How good is the ventilation in the glove

They are so comfortable and a great fit, and at this point, they don’t smell. Therefore the ventilation is ok. Wrapping the hands first before putting on the gloves also prevents smelling of the hands.

Q. Are they machine washable?

Machine washing is not recommended. If they stink, you can wipe them with a Clorox or Lysol wipe inside, spray Lysol inside, and place them over the air vent to dry. Do each time you use them. Place odor eater shoe inserts to keep the smell out. Do not leave in bag constantly

Q. How large is the grip bar? Soft or hard material?

The grip bar covers all the fingers easily and it is hard (feels like a soft plastic but rigid). It is great for heavy bag and especially for extra thumbs protection

Q. Are these gloves pro quality?

This particular venom glove handles heavy-duty bag workouts and sparring. For boxing, this holds up well for training 4 times a week on both heavy-duty bags, hand pads, and occasionally sparring. The quality of the material held up to its standards.

Q. Is there less cushion with a lighter glove?

Yes. There is less cushion. The 12 oz gloves are for fighting and allow for quicker and more accurate punches. Training with 16 oz is important for muscle development and thinking in fight situations. The OZ is not an indication of the size you should wear. It is only an indication of the weight of the glove for you to generate a punch. You can use wraps to have a tight fit. The bottom line is that you talk to your instructor.

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