Winning Training Boxing Gloves

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The boxing gear manufacturer, Winning, is one of the premier brands in the sport. They are a well-established company with decades of experience in developing top-tier boxing gear and accessories from boxing gloves all the way to punching bags.

Winning’s reputation in the industry is undeniable and they are one of the most highly recommended brands by veterans of the sport. In fact, go to any boxing gym and you will likely see a handful of Winning boxing gears hanging around the establishment.

What’s fantastic about this brand is that their products are all “made to order”. Their factories are located in Japan which is where the items will be meticulously crafted and go through a strict quality assurance process.

Once it gets the approval, it will then be shipped to their warehouses located in the US which will then be distributed throughout the many sports shops in the country.

This limited nature and premium reputation are one of the reasons why it is not exactly commonly attributed with beginners to intermediate level boxers. Simply put, Winning boxing gloves are high-grade and top-tier quality boxing gears – but, they are also one of the more expensive in the market.

That said, Winning boxing gloves and gear is easily one of the more recognizable in the sport as it has been used by boxing greats and legends like Manny Pacquiao. Basically, if you are looking for the best that money can buy in terms of boxing gloves – Winning is right up there in the list of most recommended boxing gear brands.

Winning Boxing Gloves – An Up-Close Look

Winning is a boxing gear manufacturer that has been around for decades, since 1937, in fact. As you would expect, they already know their way around boxing glove construction like it is the back of their hands.

This experience in crafting high-quality boxing gloves has elevated the brand to the upper echelon in the industry. We will be taking a closer look at what makes Winning a ‘winning’ boxing gear brand.

Weight Distribution

Rating: 9/10

Winning boxing gloves have been affectionately nicknamed “Pillows” by fans of this manufacturer. This is not a knock at its ability to dampen the damage on your opponent though as it is more a description of its ability to protect the hands of the wearer.

Winning boxing gloves are highly recommended for hard punchers as the padding underneath provides top-tier protection while maintaining most of the force behind the punch.

Basically, professional boxers who wear Winning boxing gloves can fight with all the ferocity they can muster without needing to worry about injuring their hands or excessive soreness that happens after the fight.

The distribution of both weight and padding is exceptionally well-balanced in Winning boxing gloves. The even distribution of weight is essential to sharpen your punching form and reduces the risk of injuring yourself with an awkward landing punch.

Surprisingly enough, you would expect a boxing glove with this much padding to be a bit heavy – but, the Winning boxing glove is actually quite light. Again, this is achieved through the equal distribution of the padding.


Rating: 10/10

A boxer’s fists are their main investment in the sports of boxing. Thus, a boxing glove’s ability to protect is a mandatory aspect to consider. Winning is commonly the boxing glove brand of choice not only for sparring but also by many pro boxers due to its overall quality.

Winning sparring gloves are also best suited for its namesake due to the ample level of padding that will not only protect your hands but also your sparring partner. Winning training gloves feature a multi-layered padding system which significantly reduces the impact absorbed as well as the force delivered to your target.

Winning boxing gloves achieve this level of protection by utilizing a combination of high-density foam underneath a layer of the impact-absorbing outer shell. This impeccable layer of protection is then covered using high-quality genuine leather with soft nylon inner lining for optimum durability and flexibility.

Other notable designs that enhance Winning glove’s ranking in the market is the robust thumb stopper that further enhances the overall protection the glove delivers. With this rigid thumb stopper, you won’t need to worry about the positioning of your thumbs whenever you go for a punch.


Rating: 8/10

The polished sheen of leather is one of Winning boxing glove’s key features. It also focuses on a traditional design which is a huge plus for those who prefer the timeless appeal of the classic boxing glove. In terms of variety, Winning boxing gloves come in a wide selection of colors from the standard red, white, and black to a more modern color palette such as blue and even pink.

You can also easily distinguish Winning boxing gloves as it features its highly prominent logo on the wristband. A glance is all that is needed to distinguish this boxing glove from the rest – its reputation alone is enough to catch anyone’s attention at the gym. Overall, Winning boxing gloves excel in delivering a traditionalist appeal with its classic design.

Craftsmanship Quality

Rating: 9.5/10

There is a reason for Winning’s longevity in the industry and it revolves around the top-notch craftsmanship that they apply with all of the boxing gears, especially their boxing gloves. There are those who claim that you can use Winning boxing gloves regularly and it will still maintain that brand-new sheen without much wear and tear even after years.

That’s a pretty bold claim if we didn’t see it for ourselves. Winning boxing gloves are known for their durability and longevity and we can attest to that as we have a couple of Winning gloves in the gym that have been around for close to three years and it still looks quite new, to be honest.

This longevity stems from its use of premium-grade leather as well as well-stitched seams for an all-around top-tier construction. The leather outer shell is definitely another reason to get Winning boxing gloves as it definitely exudes that premium feels – especially, when in mint condition. There’s a reason why Winning boxing gloves are considered a collector’s item, and now you know why.

Wrist Support

Rating: 8.5/10

One of the most crucial and understated factors of boxing gloves is wrist support. This aspect will help ensure that injuries such as accidentally tweaking your hand are avoided. Winning boxing gloves are available in lace-up and Velcro enclosures giving this brand a good level of flexibility.

Lace-up gloves provide the highest possible wrist support, but at the cost of being impractical for those who train solo. The good news is that Winning boxing gloves that utilize Velcro enclosures provide almost equal levels of stability.

Winning boxing gloves come with excellent stability while also providing top-mark wrist protection as well. However, this improved stability with its rather rigid wrist support does limit the types of punches you can throw at weird angles. If you are one who prefers an unorthodox way of boxing, you might find Winning boxing gloves a bit limiting.


Rating: 9.5/10

Winning boxing gloves take a bit of time to break-in. However, once you have – this is one of the most comfortable boxing gloves that you can get your hands on. The rigid shape of this boxing glove, once it conforms to your hands, will be able to provide optimum support. That said, lending it to someone else, even if you both use the same glove size, may not be able to deliver the same level of comfort.

Basically, once you have broken in your Winning boxing glove, you can bet it is now shaped specifically for your hands. Additionally, Winning gloves are lightweight and are a factor that will undoubtedly improve overall comfort.

This is why I would even recommend this to beginners who are looking to truly sharpen their skills in this sport – it is well worth the investment.

One common complaint that we did come across is that the Winning boxing glove seems to be designed for average to smaller hands. We have noted some issues concerning its size with people with larger hands.

The common consensus with this particular group is that the Winning boxing glove is not as comfortable as they thought it would be. While the complaints did significantly drop once the gloves have been broken in, this is something that individuals with larger hands need to consider.


Rating: 8.5/10

This will be one significant factor in deciding whether to go with a Winning boxing glove or not for some. The lowdown is that Winning boxing gloves can be quite expensive. You can expect an initial price of around $200 and it only goes up from that price bracket.

The custom-made ones are even more expensive with a price tag that will easily reach and surpass $300. While those prices can be a bit hard to swallow, you have to remember that you are paying for a premium quality boxing glove that is built with optimum comfort, protection, and durability at its core. If you are serious about honing your boxing skills or even plan on participating in a competition, it is best to invest in quality gear early on.

Winning Boxing Glove Types

Winning has been a staple in the sports of boxing as well as contact sports, in general. Throughout the years, they have diversified their selection to accommodate the various facets of this sport. Here, we will be listing Winning’s flagship boxing glove models or series and determine their overall placement in the hierarchy of their particular category.

Winning Professional Boxing Glove Models

 As the name suggests, this Winning boxing glove series is designed for the pros.

This means that this can be used for competition (either professional or amateur boxing match) and even for those who are looking to level up their sparring session experience.

However, you need to keep in mind that Winning’s pro boxing gloves typically use lace-up enclosures.

If you are training solo, wearing these bad boys might be a bit complicated.

Overall, Winning Professional Boxing Gloves provide all the advantages you can want in terms of comfort, protection, and wrist support.

Winning Velcro Boxing Gloves

This glove type is virtually similar to the Professional models but incorporates the Velcro strap enclosure design. What this means is that it won’t be able to deliver the same level of wrist support and constriction as that of a lace-up glove. However, this also makes putting on these types of gloves quick and easy.

We have tried Velcro strap Winning gloves and have to admit that, when worn properly, there is barely any noticeable difference with its wrist support besides the overall security of the straps (lace-up will always take the cake in this area).

However, while this difference might seem trivial, it is quite significant and in terms of competitive performance which is why Velcro is best suited for training only.

Overall, Winning’s Velcro and Pro boxing gloves are quite identical when it comes to comfort and protection. The proverbial line in the sand lies in the wrist support which is where lace-up excels. Of course, if you are training and will need to regularly put on and remove your boxing glove, Velcro is far more practical.

Winning Training Boxing Gloves

Training gloves, as the name implies, is designed specifically for training. It is designed specifically to provide optimum protection for your hands, so you won’t likely see anyone getting knocked out. Winning training gloves are equally well-made with top-notch craftsmanship and premium-grade materials. Because of its extra padding, this is best suited for pad and bag training.

You can also use this for sparring and won’t need to worry about significantly hurting your sparring partner. There is a reason why training boxing gloves made by Winning are called “Pillows”.

Pros and Cons of Winning Boxing Gloves

Now, let us get to the nitty-gritty of Winning boxing gloves. Here are the strengths and weaknesses that we observed during our test run of the brand’s boxing gears.


  • High-quality material and craftsmanship.
  • Once broken in, it is one of the most comfortable boxing gloves available.
  • Outstanding thumb positioning and protection.
  • Whether Velcro or lace-up, Winning boxing gloves provide fantastic wrist support.


  • The material used is not suitable for high-humidity environments.
  • Seems to be designed for average to smaller hands.
  • It can get quite expensive.

Final Thoughts

There is a reason why Winning boxing glove is one of the most popular and sought-after boxing gear brands in the world and with this review, it is easy to see why. Winning certainly earns its moniker with its exceptional protection, comfort, and durability.

If you are looking for a reliable quality brand for your boxing gear, I highly doubt you will be disappointed with what Winning brings to the table.

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